Why Is Fabletics Using The Same Marketing Techniques As Amazon?

Kate Hudson founded Fabletics long ago when she wanted to offer women clothing they would enjoy every day without much of a fuss. Women love to wear comfortable clothes, and they want to feel beautiful at the same time. A lady who shops with Fabletics is familiar with the brand, and she knows how it works through her shopping experiences. This article explains how Fabletics is doing the same things as Amazon, and there is a look at what they believe their company must do to expand.


#1: Adding Stores To Their Brand


The Fabletics brand will increase quite a lot when they open their 100 stores around America, and they are moving into stores because they have a presence online they may trade in. The online presence is easy for women to check themselves, and they walk into stores from Fabletics knowing what the expect. The high expectation from the customer is much what Amazon experiences as they begin opening stores. The familiarity of every customer causes them to shop more, and they come to the stores knowing they wish to buy.


#2: What Does Fabletics Sell?


Fabletics sells their casual clothes to women who wish to be chic, and each new piece is quite simple compared to the rest of the industry. Women who are wearing Fabletics are immersed in something called athleisure, and they are participating in something that has taken over the industry. Casual pieces from Fabletics are quite a lot of fun for women to wear, and they wear them everywhere they go. The pieces become a statement for a woman who does not want to dress up, and each new piece of clothing folds into a lovely ensemble that women may change every day.


#3: Reverse-Showrooming Works


Fabletics is so popular that they believe opening 100 stores will be a huge success. The brand has enough recognition on the market today that opening stores is a simple thing for them, and they are showing how the technique works for businesses outside of Amazon. The Amazon stores opened play on the same technique, and other businesses that started online may do the same. Small businesses have done so with great success, and there are several different examples of how brands smaller than Fabletics have succeeded.


#4: Fabletics Is A Star’s Brand


Kate Hudson wears her Fabletics clothes in the advertisements she produces for the brand, and she shares her vision for the company as a workout brand, a casual brand and a brand for ladies with a hefty schedule. Women must take their children off to school every day, and there are several tasks they may complete when they wear Fabletics. Changing clothing in and out during the day is easy, and ladies who love the brand may wear it exclusively.


Fabletics has planned to cash in on their popularity online as they open new stores. Their reverse-showrooming concept plays off what Amazon has done, and 100 new stores from the brand will become a beacon for women who love fashion.