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Sam Boraie Gives Back to His Community as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Sam Boraie has been making a big impact on the community of New Brunswick, New Jersey, says this article. As vice-president of Boraie Development, LLC, he has been instrumental in revitalizing the urban landscape of this city. From high-rise apartment buildings to beautiful housing communities, this development company has been building up neighborhoods with their real estate development projects for 30 years. Perhaps no project personifies this more than The Aspire, which according to the New York Times, offers 238 residential units with state-of-the-art amenities. They are known for their commercial developments as well, and this includes Albany Street Plaza, which is located right near the New Brunswick train station and offers 250,000 square feet of office space. Boraie Development also provides property management as well as real estate sales and marketing services to the people in New Brunswick.

While his position at Boraie Development enables Omar Boraie to give back to the community through urban rejuvenation, he also believes in giving back in a more direct way. He sits on the advisory board for the non-profit Elijah’s Promise. This charity was founded in 1989, and it runs a soup kitchen that feeds the poor and homeless. Additionally, it provides education and job training. It does this in keeping with their philosophy that by giving people the tools they need to feed themselves, no one in their community will go hungry. Their outreach and educational programs include Promise Culinary School, Promise Catering and Community Gardens.

At the age of 73, Sam Boraie can look back knowing that he has spent most of his life helping his community. As a trained chemist in Egypt, he has come a long way since he arrived at the shores of America in 1970. Whether as a businessman or a philanthropist, he has lead efforts that have improved the city of New Brunswick and have eased the suffering of its less fortunate residents. As vice-president of Boraie Development, he continues to build new developments that enhance this city and help it grow well into this century.



Jim Hunt, The Entrepreneur And VTA Publications

There are people that can be entrepreneurs, and people who have difficulty with it. It is a lot of discipline to own your own company, and you have to do it every, single day. Jim Hunt is a successful entrepreneur that launched VTA Publications on

How Did Jim Hunt Come Up With VTA Publications?

Jim Hunt was an avid player in the stock market. He learned a lot in his experiences, and he had a knack at trading. Money came his way, and he wanted to help others to do the same thing. To take control of their own finances, instead of the banks controlling their money. He launched VTA Publications so that other people could read his advice and tips in order to control their finances better. For even more information from Jim, people can tune into his YouTube account. By listening to Jim Hunt VTA Publications, many people have been able to turn their lives around, and live a lot better.

Is Jim A Good Guy?

Yes, Jim is a good guy that takes his life seriously, but puts a balance to it. His work has its place, and his family does too. In the morning, he works out to start the day, and then he sets his daily goals on PRNewsChannel. He always meets them. When it is time for dinner later, he spends that time with his family, and that is very important to him. Everything works out well, and he continues to succeed at what he does.

Looking into the future, Jim Hunt will continue to gain more subscribers to his VTA because people want to know how to become financially independent. It is important to Jim to help others, and his advice is what they need. There is a more for Jim to do because he is a true entrepreneur. His advice to others that want to be is to study people, and know what makes them tick. Jim Hunt thinks studying psychology will help with that. Also, a person that wants to own their own business needs to know how to sell, and Jim insists that they learn how to do that so they can be as successful as he is. What great advice from a professional that has proven that he can do it.

Maggie Gill is Improving Lives

For Maggie Gill, the passion to provide quality healthcare access to all of the community extends beyond her day job. Maggie is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, GA. She began working at Memorial way back in 2004 as the Vice President of Finance/Managed Care and just a year later took over as the Chief Operating Officer.


Maggie took over her current role back in 2011 and has made it a priority to run a tight ship in order to operate under budget while offering as many services to the community as possible. She has extensive experience in the medical finance arena, serving for 5 years as the Chief Financial Officer at the Tenet South Florida Health system. A honors graduate of Florida State University, Maggie also earned her MBA at Saint Leo University. Always one to further her education, she has also completed coursework in strategic thinking and management at the Wharton School. Her combination of experience and education make Maggie a true expert in her career field.


Her work has earned her numerous accolades, including being named one the 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health Systems and CEOs to Know in 2016 by Becker’s Hospital Review. Also in 2016, the Georgia Medical Society awarded Ms. Gill and Memorial Health a total of seven different awards. Her hard work and determination have had a profound effect on those she works with as well as the patients that are under Memorial Health’s watch. Maggie Gill improves the lives of all those who cross her path.


The Illustrative Career Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a renowned plastic surgeon and media commentator. She is the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin, Texas. In this facility, she engages in plastic surgery practice. In 2014, she topped the list of the best beauty surgeons on Harper’s Bazaar. In addition, various media companies such as ABC News, Fox News, Dr 90210, E! and VH1 have invited her to discuss matters pertaining to plastic surgery as a professional commentator. Dr. Walden has co-authored a textbook known as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Moreover, she sits on the Editorial Board of Directors of Modern Aesthetics. Dr. Jennifer is among the few women who have served on the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Jennifer was born in Austin, Texas. Her father practiced as a dentist. Jennifer’s mother was a surgical nurse. From Anderson High School, she enrolled at the University of Texas where she pursued her Biology degree. Later, she opted to enroll at a medical school. Dr. Walden studied at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Here, she graduated as the best student in her class. Dr. Walden undertook her residency at the prestigious University of Texas Medical Branch. Her exceptional skills and talents saw her win a fellowship in aesthetic surgery. She joined Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where she worked with revered experts such as Dr. Sherell Aston.

After her fellowship ended, Walden joined NYC’s Upper East Side where she worked for seven years. Here, she was heavily involved in clinical trials that resulted in the reemergence of silicone breast implants. Dr. Walden decided to go back to Austin and establish her practice in order to be closer to her twin sons.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is recognized for using latest technologies at her facility. She has been using a 3D imaging technology that captures a client’s look prior to surgery. For instance, she uses Vectra and ThermiVa. This radio frequency system seeks to tighten and rejuvenate a vagina. Over the years, Dr. Walden has made immense contributions to the plastic surgery industry, including developing equipment for breast surgery. Jennifer works as a consultant for different aesthetic companies such as Venus Concept and ThermiAesthetics.

Breakthrough Treatment For Chronic Lung Diseases Now Available

For many people who suffer from chronic lung diseases such as COPD, the long-term prognosis can be difficult to bare. Lung diseases can affect a person’s quality of life so severely that they became totally unable to enjoy even the most basic things in life. Long-term prognosis for diseases such as COPD is often early death. What makes lung diseases even more difficult to cope with, is the fact that until recently the treatments for people who suffer from chronic lung disease are limited in their effect and scope. But there have been medical breakthroughs in recent years that has led to new treatments that have made a significant difference for many people. One of these was discovered through innovative stem cell research. Cedars-sinai reveals that after years of research there has now been a treatment for COPD patients with the use of stem cells that is showing ground breaking possibility in the treatment of chronic lung diseases. Since its’ release, stem cell lung treatment is showing that it can make significant strides in combating the effects and early mortality of patients who battle lung diseases such as COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis and Interstitial Lung Disease. More information available at

One of the leaders in this new advanced medical treatment is the Lung Institute. First founded in Tampa Florida in 2013, the Lung Institute brought a revitalization and rejuvenation to the care and treatment of lung disorders. Since that time the facility has treated over 3,000 patients with their stem cell therapy with a 84.5% success ratio for providing some relief to their COPD patients who suffer from chronic lung diseases. While not all patients receive a total remission of symptoms, many have seen a marked improvement in lung functioning. In fact, most patients have experienced noticeable improvement in their quality of life since their treatment at the Lung Institute.

In further advancement of their work and goals to provide this new groundbreaking treatment for people all over the country, the Lung Institute has opened four new locations across America to help advance the use of this medical treatment that has proven to be quite effective for many patients who have opted for this treatment of their disease. The Lung Institute now operates clinics in Nashville, Tennessee. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Scottsdale, Arizona and Dallas, Texas along with their first clinic in Tampa Florida. For more information, please visit or call 1-(800) 382-8095.

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Creativity is Essential when It Comes to Loan Financing Objectives

The investment banking house is instrumental in its role of instructing or advising its client how to properly raise Capital from lending institutions or other sources—such as Pension Funds. The loan packaging arrangement may prove as bi-lateral—meaning more than one lending source, may become involved. However, as it pertains to the Investment Banking House and his or her client, the funding arrangement probably will be one that is syndicated. The preceding means that the loan is backed by that of assets, or is unsecured. The loan package has a tendency, with regard to the advice provided to the client, by the investment banking organization, to be one that is a combo of senior debt, and mezzanine debt. Additionally, the senior lenders are slated to receive repayment of the loan in front of the junior lending houses. The preceding stated: the senior collectors of the loan, actually have a right to be paid, prior, to the junior lending institutions.

The investment banker, with regard to the preceding loan arrangements, will wisely instruct his borrowing client what type of debt to assume—that is, if the deal is considered one that is syndicated. With regard to the preceding loan arrangement: the syndicated loan arrangement is comprised of a book of lenders.

The investment banker, too, is instrumental to his or her client base, in carrying out significant and special areas of loan financing. The loan financing involved includes the areas of: leveraged financing. This type of financing arrangement is when the banker assists the borrower in raising much needed Capital in order to acquire a target company; and relative to project financing—wherein a loan is used in order to fund a project–involving the organization’s infra-structure. The investment banker, in this regard, may additionally advise his or her client—who is in a mode of financial devastation—how to properly restructure his or her debt obligation.

Notes Regarding Martin Lustgarten, CEO of Lustgarten Martin:

Martin Lustgarten is the founder of the noted and reputable investment banking organization of Lustgarten Martin. He makes his home inside of the sunny Miami area. He is known far and wide, reputably, as an honest investment banker and a superb communicator. He provides his savvy negotiation skills to his preferred and highly-sophisticated clients, inclusive of CEOs and up-and-coming organizations, involved in many sectors of the business community.

Mr. Lustgarten, demonstrates his enjoyment of negotiating the deal, from an avocational standpoint, too. Mr. Lustgarten, during his time off from his investment banking role is known to trade high-end vintage collectibles. He admits to a fondness of anything of beauty with value attached–again, relative to high-end vintage relics. Mr. Lustgarten enjoys life in the Miami, area: a metropolitan area which proves friendly, yet thriving, from a business perspective.


Avi Weifogel Is A True Renaissance Man

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an entrepreneur that has created a successful business endeavor that focuses on the treatment of dental sleep disorders. In particular, he has focused his efforts on the treatment of sleep apnea. He has created dental devices that help alleviate symptoms that were not being treated effectively by other methods. He started out his career as a family dentist in New Jersey and began studying sleep apnea treatments which eventually led to the creation of his company Dental Sleep Masters. Dental Sleep Masters serves clients all over the country that seek relief through dental appliances that can give them relief from sleep apnea.


There is more to Dr. Avi Weisfogel than meet the eye. He is not only a brilliant dentist and businessman, he is also a music artist and a talented videographer. His musical interests include everything from classic rock to electronic music. He recently began taking an interest in creating rap music. He recently released tracks have received critical acclaim and he looks forward to creating more for his fans.


Avi Weisfogel is also quite talented when it comes to shooting high-quality videos. He has posted them online to Vimeo. He has also posted many of his favorite photos from his photography hobby as well. His interests are wide and varied. Avi Weisfogel is a unique combination of traditional entrepreneur and an aspiring artist and adventurer.


Avi Weisfogel is also a philanthropist that takes great pride in giving back to society and bettering the world around him. Avi Weisfogel is a lover of life and strives to experience and achieve all that is possible in life while helping others better their own.

Why Is Fabletics Using The Same Marketing Techniques As Amazon?

Kate Hudson founded Fabletics long ago when she wanted to offer women clothing they would enjoy every day without much of a fuss. Women love to wear comfortable clothes, and they want to feel beautiful at the same time. A lady who shops with Fabletics is familiar with the brand, and she knows how it works through her shopping experiences. This article explains how Fabletics is doing the same things as Amazon, and there is a look at what they believe their company must do to expand.


#1: Adding Stores To Their Brand


The Fabletics brand will increase quite a lot when they open their 100 stores around America, and they are moving into stores because they have a presence online they may trade in. The online presence is easy for women to check themselves, and they walk into stores from Fabletics knowing what the expect. The high expectation from the customer is much what Amazon experiences as they begin opening stores. The familiarity of every customer causes them to shop more, and they come to the stores knowing they wish to buy.


#2: What Does Fabletics Sell?


Fabletics sells their casual clothes to women who wish to be chic, and each new piece is quite simple compared to the rest of the industry. Women who are wearing Fabletics are immersed in something called athleisure, and they are participating in something that has taken over the industry. Casual pieces from Fabletics are quite a lot of fun for women to wear, and they wear them everywhere they go. The pieces become a statement for a woman who does not want to dress up, and each new piece of clothing folds into a lovely ensemble that women may change every day.


#3: Reverse-Showrooming Works


Fabletics is so popular that they believe opening 100 stores will be a huge success. The brand has enough recognition on the market today that opening stores is a simple thing for them, and they are showing how the technique works for businesses outside of Amazon. The Amazon stores opened play on the same technique, and other businesses that started online may do the same. Small businesses have done so with great success, and there are several different examples of how brands smaller than Fabletics have succeeded.


#4: Fabletics Is A Star’s Brand


Kate Hudson wears her Fabletics clothes in the advertisements she produces for the brand, and she shares her vision for the company as a workout brand, a casual brand and a brand for ladies with a hefty schedule. Women must take their children off to school every day, and there are several tasks they may complete when they wear Fabletics. Changing clothing in and out during the day is easy, and ladies who love the brand may wear it exclusively.


Fabletics has planned to cash in on their popularity online as they open new stores. Their reverse-showrooming concept plays off what Amazon has done, and 100 new stores from the brand will become a beacon for women who love fashion.

The Achievements Of Brad Reifler Over a Long Career

Brad is the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. The company has an experienced advisory board that offers guidance in forex markets and commodities all over the world. Reifler is qualified to offer advice considering his experience of over 30 years in the financial industry.

Brad Reifler graduated with a degree in economics and political science from the University of Bowdoin College. He established his first firm known as Reifler Trading Company after graduating from college in 1982. Reifler Trading Company was specializing in global derivatives. However, Refco later ended up buying out Reifler Trading Company. After that, Brad Reifler took advantage of that opportunity and established Pali Capital. It is at Pali Capital that Brad made his biggest achievements. He served in the firm as the chairperson and chief executive officer for 13 years. Reifler led the company in making $200 million profits and opening offices in the UK, United States, and Australia.

Brad Reifler is the current chief executive officer of Forefront Advisory and is also an adviser. Forefront Advisory is an advisory company that specializes in offering expert advice to traders dealing with forex and commodity trade. Foreign-exchange and commodity market are infamously volatile; therefore, traders sought Brad Reifler because he has over 30 years’ experience. Reifler does public speaking, and he mostly touches on investments. In some of his public speeches, Reifler talks about people in the middle and lower classes also investing in their future. Outlets such as Reuters News, Yahoo Finance, and MarketWatch have picked up some of his public appearances.

Brad Reifler helps people to establish new and unique ways of planning for their future and finding true financial freedom. His impact has been felt in the community due to his achievements since he is a role model for people who want to make it in entrepreneurship. Brad was a director of Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank. Reifler is also a Director at Sino Mercury Company.