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Chris Burch Explains How Tech and Fashion Industries Growing Together

The fact that both the fashion and technology industries have experienced many changes throughout the years is irrefutable, and both industries have grown together. Technology has become fashionable over the years, and similarly, the fashion industry is more technologically able than ever before. Thae growth journey of the fashion and technology industries is extremely fascinating.


During the 70s, people were excited to carry around their tunes and stations, thanks to the boom box. The two cassette decks allowed users to play music on one side, and use the other side to record. Moving forward to the 80s, the two cassette decks got yet another use – movie story lines. The 90s witnessed the invention of the Walkman which gave users a more personalized music experience. A decade later, the personalized experience became much smaller with the discovery of iPod. As far as independent growth of the industries is concerned, it is clear that technology usually grows depending on the popularity of what a person considers fashionable.


Presently, the business environment is experiencing a synthesis between fashion and technology. For instance, fashion designers are using technology to increase their levels of innovation and functionality. Technology too requires the help of fashion to raise its popularity levels. Tech entrepreneurs and organizations are taking advantage of the fashion shows and events to make people aware of the existence and availability of their products. Technology and fashion industries are working hand in hand, to bring the best out of each other.


About Chris Burch

His background in business is diverse as he has solid knowledge in the technology, fashion, and real estate industries. Burch boasts of extensive experience in business spanning nearly 40 years.


He currently serves as the principal of Burch Creative Capital, a firm with an exciting brand portfolio that includes poppin, Nihiwatu, and Cocoon9. A serial entrepreneur, he began his career at Itchica College in 1976 where he started a business worth $2000, Eagles Eye Apparel, together with his brother Bob. They grew the business to a value of $165 million before they sold it. After selling Eagle’s Eye, he was among the first people who invested in Internet Capital Group – a popular IPO story on the Internet.


Chris Burch has a philanthropic side too. He was a board member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has also worked with the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board where he was the president. He has funded various philanthropic initiatives such as The Sumba Foundation, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY, The China Association of Social Work and The Henry Street Settlement among many others.


10 inexpensive Wengie hair hacks

The opening of the video just makes your happiness quotient soar. The colors, patterns and music are lively. Hugs are offered right away for being one of Wengies You Tube subscribers. Her room is decorated beautifully and feminine.


The vitamin hack

Her recommendations for vitamins and minerals remind you of the value of each particular vitamin. Omega 3 fatty acids are for shine, biotin builds strong hair, vitamin A helps keep the hair follicle and scalp healthy, Folic acid helps you avoid hair loss and lastly Vitamin C maintains and supports hair growth. Wengie recommends her sponsors vitamins because they are natural and vegetarian friendly.


The clean brush hack

Cleaning your hairbrush regularly helps keep your hair clean and healthy.


The ponytail hack

Make a double ponytail so your hair looks fresh and new.


The hair mask hack

Condition hair with coconut oil because it is anti microbial and has anti oxidants.


The hair-drying hack

Don’t dry your hair with a towel because it damages hair; use a soft tee shirt.


The hairspray hack

Wengies idea to smooth your baby hairs with a toothbrush is genius.


The split end hack

Everyone loves saving money on hair appointments; Wengie shows you two great tricks to keep split ends at bay.


The cool curl hack

Put hair into a ponytail and curl different sections for fullness and volume.


The dry shampoo hack

Use a dry shampoo to soak up the oil overnight and create volume.


The satin pillow hack

Using a satin pillowcase will help keep your hair as well as your skin smooth and beautiful. Usage of cut up nylon stockings instead of elastic hair ties is recommended if you must use a loose braid.


Wengies video

is well laid out, vibrant throughout, keeps the viewer entertained and truly wanting to observe the whole video plus her whole You Tube collection .



Learn more about Wengie:


Wen Creates Great Hair

I was honestly skeptical when I first saw the infomercial for Wen by Chaz Dean products, I absolutely love Alyssa Milano who was the spokeswoman for Wen. After I ordered Wen hair on eBay, I watched a few videos online to make sure I was using it right. It felt weird to replace shampoo but I decided to give it a shot. My hair was extremely dry because I dye it too much. Normally shampoo makes my hair really tangled and conditioner makes it greasy so I didn’t really have much to lose.

The results of using Wen hair were very surprising to me. As soon as I started lathering it in my hair, it felt silky and smooth. After I got out of the shower, I put moose in my hair and dried it as usual. I was pleasantly surprised to see my hair was shiny. My hair never shines unless I put an oil product in it. After I used Wen for the first time, I was wondering what would happen when I use it again? I ask myself can you really replace shampoo completely? It did work the same way again.

It is amazing that I don’t need to use shampoo anymore. What a nice alternative and now I can continue to dye my hair as I see fit. An additional advantage to using this Guthy-Renker produced brand versus regular shampoo and conditioner is when you use a curling iron, your hair doesn’t get fried. I’m not sure why my hair always looked like straw after I used a curling iron, but I’m glad that Wen changed that for me.


Adding Zeal to Your Business with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has inspired so many people across numerous states. Just like his name, he has always sparked and aimed higher to achieve what he desires. He is a believer and has always embraced faith as one of his key elements to success.

Sparks began his journey of entrepreneurship with only a high school diploma, he has now emerged to be one of the most accomplished people who started from scratch. He is currently the founder of Timber Creek Capital, LP as well as the CEO of the firm. He resides in Dallas, Texas.

H enjoys being in the field of telecommunication but majorly deals with businesses. He is well known for beginning and developing numerous businesses. Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless are some of the companies he has played a big role in.

Marc Sparks also spends his time to give back to the community, he has become a great philanthropist who has changed many lives. He has greatly participated in many humanitarian projects.

He has reinforced the American Can! Academy through donating a thousand laptops, Sparks has used his assets to build reasonably priced homes with Habitat and has involved himself with the Samaritan Inn; a home to those who have no home which has since been there from the late 80s.

His company, Timber Creek Capital, funds and supports determined entrepreneurs in creating beginning businesses so that the can rise up to be great firms. Any potential entrepreneur will need the required capital to create his own business.

Timber creek capital does not just take any business, but business with strong tactics on how to carry out their work. After Sparks and the company find these businesses they support them by giving them the capital they need. Apart from capital, the company offers other requirements to start a business including, tools, office space, banking, professionalism in customer service and networking.

The path to success is never straight, there must be few challenges at some point. This is what stimulates Marc Sparks to start so any businesses because he has all the experience it takes for a company to be successful. His values to being successful include determination, passion and faith.

His role as also a mentor to upcoming business creators has helped him establish principles that they need to run a business. These principles are; having a business strategy, having things straight to the point and showing an extraordinary product to the society.

His book ‘They Can’t Eat You’. that he is currently progressing on, tells his journey to success. He is trying to tell everyone that they can be successful in business, your level of education does not matter

George Soros and his Contribution to Political Campaigns in 2016

Born in 1930, George Soros was brought up in a pro-Nazi Hungarian regime after which he studied in London. Soros later moved to America where he made his fortune. In 1984, George Soros set up the Open Society Foundation. The foundation’s aim was the provision of copy machines to libraries, universities, and civil society groups.

George Soros, a billionaire investor, has committed himself to fund Democratic politics in a bid to win the 2016 campaign. Hillary Clinton together with other Democratic candidates will receive a boost of $25 million from George Soros. Soros is expected to give even more as the election date approaches. Soros has invested most of his cash in risky currency trade of which he has received a good fortune.

George at 85 years old has had 25 years relationship with Hillary Clinton. Soros had planned on attending his first Democratic convention where Clinton would be accepting the Democratic presidential nomination, but the trip had to be canceled because he felt he needed to monitor the economic situation in Europe.

This year George Soros has been very active in politics having faith in Clinton and at the same time fearing Clinton’s GOP rival Donald Trump whom he claims to be instilling fear to the people of America. Michael Vachon, Soros’ political advisor stated that other than Trump being nominated to run for presidency, Soros had already decided to venture into politics this year because of some few things he cares about such as:
Criminal Justice
Immigration reforms
Religious tolerance

Read more: @georgesoros

Reshaping the American justice system remains to be Soros; core goal as he ventures into the 2016 campaign. Over the past year, George Soros has contributed more than $3 million into seven local district attorney campaigns in six states.

Some African-American and Hispanic candidates have gotten support from Soros contribution. The candidates who received support from George all ran on platforms that share the same goals as George Soros. Some of the judicial reforms Soros is interested in amending include:
Directing of drug offenders to diversion programs instead of trial
Reduction of racial disparities

Through a national “527” unlimited money group and state-level super PACs, Soros has spent on district attorney campaigns in New Mexico, Illinois, Texas, Florida, and Illinois. Nonprofits such as Civic Participation Action Fund also donated to some groups in the campaign.

Some other liberal donors who also aim at donating to political campaigns include:
Don Sussman who is a New York hedge funder has contributed $13.2 million to some campaigns and committees

Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner who are media moguls have donated $11.1 million each.

Tom Steyer who is an environmentalist has donated $341 million in 2016 to a super PAC under his control.

Hillary’s campaign has had a boost from the money being donated to her presidential bid by some of the richest people in America. The boost has built a massive financial advantage over the committees supporting Trump. Priorities USA Action, a super PAC in support of Clinton has also received a donation of $7 million from Soros.

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Brad Reifler Makes Investing A Shared Experience

The investment sector of the financial industry is very challenging. Many investors look for a competitive edge to help improve their chances of being able to make a good return on their investments. One of the ways that many investors look to achieve a competitive advantage is by using a top investment firm to manage or help with their investments. The use of investment firms is a common way that many investors use to handle the tasks required related to their investments.

The type of investors that many top investment firms tend to work with are not the average investor. Usually top investment firms work with what are referred to as accredited investors. As defined by the financial industry, an accredited investors is someone who earns over $200,000 per year, and the individual has a net worth over one million dollars. This type of investor is rare. The entire group that comprises the accredited investor group makes up about only 1% of the total number of potential investors.

The remaining 99% of potential investors are referred to as non-accredited investors. As defined by the financial industry, non-accredited investors earn less than $200,000 per year, and the investors have a net worth of less than one million dollars. Generally, many top investment firms do not seek out non-accredited investors. The focus of most top investment firms is the 1% of accredited investors.

Although the focus on accredited investors has been something that has gone on in the investment sector for many years, there are top investment firms that will make investments available to non-accredited investors. One of these top investment firms is Forefront Capital. The CEO of Forefront Capital is Brad Reifler. Recently, Brad Reifler made the decision to start making investments available to non-accredited investors. The way that Brad Reifler handles investments regarding non-accredited investors is to allow the investors to purchase smaller amounts of the investments over an extended time period.

Brad Reifler decided to start allowing non-accredited investors to make investments through Forefront Capital because he wanted to give non-accredited investors the same opportunity to invest in high performing investments as accredited investors.

EOS Comes Full Circle As A Company

EOS lip balm was not an overnight success, but with how fast the brand rose to success it was pretty close. Evolution of Smooth was a brand developed by Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. The three who initiated and teamed up to form EOS had collective strong backgrounds in packaged goods brands and start ups. This background formed the perfect trifecta to develop the lip balms who’s packaging is a main part of their glory.

In an interview by FastCompany, Mehra and Teller hold on to the brand as Dubitsky left to explore other start up ventures in oral care. What they saw for this start up was a niche in the market where fun and friendly chapstick with organic ingredients was missing. Of course ULTA available Burt’s Bees was on the market as a flavored and natural brand, but they knew something was missing with packaging. Some focus groups and inquiries went out to lip balm users and the feed back they received was overwhelmingly female. The females saw balms as a daily use part of their beauty routines and were sick of sticking their fingers into messy balms for application and were tired of tubes being lost in their purses.

The orb shaped packages (see: that encapsulates the EOS balms are a sure success because of their ease of use. They fit nicely in the palm and are easy to grasp, they are easy to untwist and close, the bright colors are attractive and pretty, and the product inside is just as nice. The organic formulations are always changing as the brand brings out new flavors and scents each season. Some of their limited edition products have even developed cult like status. We’re sure to see more of this as the brand plans to expand and widen their product offering.

Getting to Know Keith Mann

A typical day for Keith Mann is usually busy. He has to take care of calls, read and reply emails and even attend meetings. To make sure that the day becomes a success, Keith Mann begins his days with an early morning exercise. Keith Mann says that he manages to bring his ideas to life by identifying a need and figuring ways of fulfilling this need. Mann has been in the entrepreneurship industry for more than 15 years. Keith Mann says that he is only interested in the ideas that are likely to improve his life or system for the better.


When asked which trend excites him most, Keith Mann didn’t hesitate to say diversity. He attributes his excitement to the fact that he works in an industry that is always looking for the best candidate for every advertised position. The one habit that makes him more productive as a person or as a businessman is a morning workout. Keith Mann says that a morning workout helps him stays focused. He acknowledges that many people may see this as a silly idea, but it has worked for him. When asked to talk about his worst job, the said that his worst job as an entrepreneur was when he was working for a large bank as a trading assistant. He says he hated it as he was often being yelled at and has learned the importance of being your boss. Keith Mann says that there is nothing he would change about his life. He has no regrets and is comfortable with the kind of life he is currently living.


Keith Mann advises anyone willing to be successful in life to always seek assistance when in doubt and never make the assumption that the first decision is always correct. The one thing that has helped Keith Mann become the successful man he is today is incorporating technology in all his activities. For instance, he recently launched a portal where clients and candidates can create their profiles. He says that incorporating technology helps a businessman save a lot of time. On a personal level, Keith Mann loves Google products such as spreadsheets and google docs.