David Osio Proves to be an Extraordinaire Philanthropist

For a long time, David Osio has not only created a remarkable reputation in the business world but also in the philanthropic realms. He maintains an active partnership with numerous non-profit organizations whose support contributes in bettering art, culture, and people in communities where the Davos business expands its ventures. Osio has continued his support for charitable organizations on a global spectrum.

David Osio is widely known for supporting the operations of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). Previously, he served as its board member. He also maintains his support to The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation by sponsoring the EPK events each year. Osio cited that any support when it comes to medical research for kids makes a significant impact. Further, he reiterated his strong hope for more privileged individuals in society to join hands in a bid to make a financial impact towards a similar cause.

As the CEO of Davos Financial Group, David Osio has steered the company’s operations into global frontiers. In the new cities and locations, he ensures continued support for charity organizations. Osio also supports arts by funding art-based entities such as Miami-based Saludarte Foundation of Art. By supporting theses numerous foundations and organizations, David Osio has attracted numerous global recognitions and accolades.

Who is David Osio

David Osio is prominently known as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Davos Financial Group of companies. He opted to venture into this line of business after working for other companies. Previously, he worked as the Chief Executive Officer and President of IOPED Enterprise, where he was in charge of the company’s coffee export programs. He also used to work for LETCO Commercial Companies where he had the responsibility of designing marketing programs for different industrial commodities in the US. In 1984, Osio joined the MGO law firm based in Caracas, Venezuela where he was in charge of handling corporate customers like Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation.

Since the inception of the Davos Financial Group in 1993, Osio has maintained a proactive leadership role. This attribute assisted David Osio in increasing the level of income as well as strengthening and expanding the company in a short duration. Osio has expanded his business by creating licensed and independent operating companies in strategic locations around the world like Panama, Miami, New York City and Geneva. Apart from business, David Osio projects a philanthropic attribute through his support for many international foundations such as Fundana Foundation, and UMA Foundation.