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Fabletics Joins In On Breast Cancer Awareness

Kate Hudson has chosen to become the ambassador for the charity-Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. She also is a part of the company “Fabletics” which is a very famous and well known line of workout and fitness clothing. Now fashion, fitness and workout clothing can be brought together to help bring awareness and much needed funds to cancer and its research. Kate joined hands with the Council of Fashion Designers to bring fashion and charity together to really do something important in this world, she even designed a small fashion collection just for this charity.

She said when she was thinking about what kind of outfit she would like to design, she of course wanted the color pink and picked a really special hue of pink, but she also wanted it to be a great outfit that women would really love and want to wear and not just buy it to contribute to the cause on Facebook. She designed a bralette, matching capri leggings, and two different tank tops that she thought would really be successful since fitness and athletic wear has really taken off and every one seems to have really jumped on board. Leggings have really taken off and are the number one seller at Fabletics, especially since they have started offering the high-waisted leggings with extra abdominal support.

In late 2013, Fabletics was started from JustFab as a subscription membership of fitness clothing that are sold online. The site offers its members personalized ideas for outfits picked out just for them to fit their fashion sense as well as the lifestyle they lead. Then in the spring of this year (2016), they added to the inventory by adding swimsuits and dresses to the line. A membership to Fabletics runs $49.95 per month and you are asked to fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle and workout habits. This is so they can help to pick out outfits for you that fit what you like and what would work for your workouts. In the summer of 2015, Fabletics also started a men’s line of workout clothing called FL2 with Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver Hudson.

In the fall of last year, Fabletics opened 6 stores in different cities United States wide and are scheduled to open another one hundred more stores in the next five years. Fabletics has been very aggressive in their advertising, they have been running ads of Kate Hudson warming up and exercising in lots of different outfits and talking about the different colors, designs, which ones are her favorites and more. The commercials are all over television on all different channels aimed at all different ages and backgrounds. In the summer of 2015, they also started a men’s line of workout clothing called FL2 with Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver Hudson.

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How Waiakea Erupted Sales With Volcanic Water

It Came From Hawaii

The bottled water industry is often a controversial topic. The use of city water, the waste left over from plastic packaging, and other ways bottled water negatively impacts the environment. Ryan Emmons understand the concerns raised about bottled water when created his bottled water company Waiakea spring. He came up with a simple solution to the problem in his native Hawaii. The volcanic water he grew up drinking was something unique. The combination of minerals, electrolytes, and silica made the volcanic water smooth and silky to the tongue. Taking that water bringing it to the continental United States was a great decision.

Water With A Focus On Health

The advantage Waiakea water has over other brands is the nutrition of the water it bottles. Drinking Waiakea water is a great way to get calcium, magnesium, and other vitally need nutrients. There are also health benefits to drinking Waiakea you won’t get anywhere else thanks to the silica content of the water. Silica, a natural result of volcanic eruptions, is currently researched by scientists as a possible neuroprotectant against the brain disease Alzheimer’s. Silica is so effect it can decrease the odds of Alzheimer’s by 11%.

Thinking About The Environment

Waiakea doesn’t aim to simply make the most money possible. It aims to keep the environment in mind as well. 33% of all energy used at Waiakea bottling plants is renewable while the materials used to make the bottles are made of materials that reduce the energy costs of production by 85%. Creating a fully sustainable product was one of the goals of Waiakea’s production. Thanks to the ingenuity of Ryan Emmons that goal was achieved very easily.

The Success Story Of Waiakea

More amazing than the health benefits or environmentalist focus of Waiakea water is the way the almost overnight success of the brand. The brand has managed to maintain 170% sales increase every year with a 5000% increase happening over the course of 3 years. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The success of this brand isn’t some fluke or flash in a pan. The effort Waiakea Water puts forward in reducing the company’s carbon footprint and the focus on the health benefits of volcanic water have propelled this brand to the top. In an industry seeing the sort of declines bottled water is seeing this isn’t something to take lightly.

Eric Pulier Has Been a Savior for Businesses

Eric Pulier has been a savior for businesses because of the enterprise technology that he created for business people like me. The businesses like ours that are using enterprise technology have a way to connect their cell phones to other kinds of technology with ease. Everything that people are trying to get from their business can be done through cell phones, and we kept upgrading with him as long as we could. We knew that Eric Pulier was going to keep this up, and then we wanted to stick with him as he adapted to the smartphone market. We knew that we had a lot of choices for this kind of technology, and this is why we are working with him even to this day.

We have chosen to keep up with him because we know that he is the best person to help us with these kinds of things. Everything that we are trying to do hinges on the work we do through enterprise technology, and he is making sure that he can help people by working with the X Prize committee. The X Prize is a place where people bring their technology forward, and it makes sense for people to get input from Eric Pulier.

He has been a shining light in the technology industry because of the enterprise technology that he created. He was helping us to make sure that the business was running better, and he created a situation where we felt like we were doing the right thing by upgrading. There are so many options when working with a person like Eric Pulier, and we want to keep up our options as much as possible. We are still working with his enterprise technology, and he is out helping other people who need input on technology.

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FreedomPop Users Can Now Choose What Kind Of Phone Service They Use

Taking the time necessary to read a FreedomPop review can give any person a lot of information that pertains to FreedomPop and their services. The major service that FreedomPop provides is cell phone service, which now is available for both kinds of phones, the ones that take a sim card and ones that don’t take us in card. A CDMA phone is a phone that requires no sim card to be activated and is activated through the use of the numbers in the back the phone. A GSM phone requires a sim card that has its own numbers to be activated and inserted into the phone to work.

The GSM phones are far more popular than the CDMA phones because they are used in most countries around the world. Those that have chosen to get a GSM phone can get the 3-in-1 sim card from FreedomPop to get started with their service by purchasing the sim card online. Purchasing the sim card can be done by finding it on any of the websites that are selling it, and the price is usually around $4.99. It’s possible for the price of the sim card to go lower or higher than $4.99.

Once the sim card is in the possession of the new customer, a plan should be chosen, and the sim card will be usable in any GSM phone that’s unlocked. Almost any cell phone that’s unlocked and has newer technology can work with FreedomPop, such as most iPhones as well as most Samsung Galaxy’s. Google phones, LG phones and more can also work with FreedomPop’s service as long as the phone has been unlocked properly by network unlocking it. There are different plans that FreedomPop offers to those who want the GSM service.

The GSM service will allow for the same plans as a CDMA phone, which is the free service or the unlimited service. It’s always recommended that a buyer get the unlimited service because it has unlimited talk and text as well as 1 GB of data. Those who obtain the sim card for the first time can possibly get their first month of service for free, which is the unlimited service with the 1 GB of data. Before the next month of service starts, the user of the sim card can drop down to the free service from FreedomPop if they choose to.

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David Osio: The Epitome of Charity

For more than two decades, David Osio has played a significant role in supporting art, music and medical research. He does this by giving donations to organizations whose mission is to support culture and art in the communities that are close to where he has set up his businesses. David Osio is not done with offering a helping hand despite doing it for many years and quite to the contrary, he strives to stretch his helping hand to reach other charitable organizations worldwide.

One of David Osio’s most standout philanthropic efforts is his support for the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) where he serves as a member of the board. According to David, the reason why he supports the MISO is that he feels good when he sees such foundations keep their doors open courtesy of his donations. In line with his goal to support medical research, David also supports The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. In his opinion, every dollar that goes to support children makes a significant difference to the future. His hope is that soon all fortunate people will come together and support such a noble cause.

David’s policy on his philanthropic efforts is to help any community that is close to where he sets up his business, thus as the financial services company expands so does his philanthropic efforts. Some of the foundations that have received donations because of such expansions are the UMA Foundation, Fundana Foundation and the Wayuu Taya Foundation. David’s efforts to support the community have earned him awards and international recognition.

About David Osio
David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group. His main role in the organization is global and domestic strategy. In approximately twenty years, David has grown Davos Financial Group to a firm that is recognized internationally dawning offices in major cities such as New York, Miami and Geneva. His educational background is rich boasting of a law degree from the Catholic University Andres Bello. He also has advanced professional certificates, which he earned after studying management investment portfolios at the New York Institute of Finance. David’s career traces its roots to his time as a legal advisor to multinational clients.

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ClassDojo Wants To Help Place Parents Back In The Classroom

Popular education app ClassDojo recently announced the results of a Series B round of funding for their tech start up. The company raised more than $20 million in funding towards helping connect parent with classrooms. ClassDojo founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary say they plan to use the funds to expand their business, creating more jobs for developers, and bringing classrooms and parents even closer together. When they launched ClassDojo, the wanted to significantly improve the rate of parent-teacher communication. Paring innovative technology with everyday classroom education is a great way for parents to remain involved in their students schoolwork, no matter how busy they may be. Education is such an important part of our children’s lives. The creators of ClassDojo recognize this, and hope that their new innovative approach to communication in the classroom, will encourage more conversations about school days at home.


When Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary began working together 2011 they had one mission: bridge the gap between parents and classrooms. Because parents work often work full time, and sometimes scramble to get dinner on the table, or just a few quiet moments to themselves, classroom work and daily achievements are sometimes overlooked. While being involved in your child’s education is extremely important, and likely something all parents desire, it is not always that easy. ClassDojo serves as a bridge to help close the gap between those hardworking parents and their students classrooms.


Much like popular social media apps today, ClassDojo is a safe, online environment that allows teachers to post photos and videos of their students work or class activity to share with parents. Students can receive praise from their viewers through comments and likes, helping boost their self esteem, and putting a smile on mom or dads face as well. ClassDojo is a teacher led platform, listening to the needs and wants of educators all around the world in an attempt to create a batter classroom environment for all. Research shows that parental involvement creates a more positive and engaging learning experience for students. Our children rely heavily on our approval and our support. With the ever increasing use of technology, being physical present is no longer a necessity. Today, more than 85,000 schools in the United States have began using Class Dojo to connect parents to classrooms.

David Osio Proves to be an Extraordinaire Philanthropist

For a long time, David Osio has not only created a remarkable reputation in the business world but also in the philanthropic realms. He maintains an active partnership with numerous non-profit organizations whose support contributes in bettering art, culture, and people in communities where the Davos business expands its ventures. Osio has continued his support for charitable organizations on a global spectrum.

David Osio is widely known for supporting the operations of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). Previously, he served as its board member. He also maintains his support to The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation by sponsoring the EPK events each year. Osio cited that any support when it comes to medical research for kids makes a significant impact. Further, he reiterated his strong hope for more privileged individuals in society to join hands in a bid to make a financial impact towards a similar cause.

As the CEO of Davos Financial Group, David Osio has steered the company’s operations into global frontiers. In the new cities and locations, he ensures continued support for charity organizations. Osio also supports arts by funding art-based entities such as Miami-based Saludarte Foundation of Art. By supporting theses numerous foundations and organizations, David Osio has attracted numerous global recognitions and accolades.

Who is David Osio

David Osio is prominently known as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Davos Financial Group of companies. He opted to venture into this line of business after working for other companies. Previously, he worked as the Chief Executive Officer and President of IOPED Enterprise, where he was in charge of the company’s coffee export programs. He also used to work for LETCO Commercial Companies where he had the responsibility of designing marketing programs for different industrial commodities in the US. In 1984, Osio joined the MGO law firm based in Caracas, Venezuela where he was in charge of handling corporate customers like Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation.

Since the inception of the Davos Financial Group in 1993, Osio has maintained a proactive leadership role. This attribute assisted David Osio in increasing the level of income as well as strengthening and expanding the company in a short duration. Osio has expanded his business by creating licensed and independent operating companies in strategic locations around the world like Panama, Miami, New York City and Geneva. Apart from business, David Osio projects a philanthropic attribute through his support for many international foundations such as Fundana Foundation, and UMA Foundation.

Beauty Blogger Samples WEN By Chaz To See Why The World Loves It

Even though she often writes about beauty, Emily McClure has lousy hair, the kind that falls flat, gets a bit frizzy and won’t hold a style. Talk about frustrating; she fights it daily and at times, gives up. She is hair-weary and wishes she had that Hollywood mane like the stars in those iconic WEN YouTube infomercials.

As a beauty blogger, Emily gets to sample lots of products. She decided to give the famous WEN by Chaz no lather shampoo a 7-day test run. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra body for her shoulder length hair. Emily recorded her results for

WEN by Chaz has been around for a number of years now, because the amazing 5-in-1 formula works miracles for every hair type found on the planet. If you head to, you will note the ♥10K Loves the brand has received. It’s simple to see why.

Stylist-to-the-stars Chaz Dean developed the concept and brand. He removed the nasty chemicals that are present in shampoos and conditioners and replaced them with pure, healthy plant-based formulas. His special cleansing conditioners take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler, and leave-in conditioner.

Emily McClure enjoyed washing and massaging the product into her scalp and hair. She was blown away by the instant shine, softness and volume her new mane had developed. The hair selfies she snapped show her Hollywood hair.

Emily has advice for the ultimate WEN experience:

  1. Cleanse with WEN every morning.
  1. Follow up with a blow-dry and then your favorite styling tools.
  1. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of product, because more is always better.
  1. Let your hair get used to the no lather shampoo experience.
      Pamper your mane; that’s what WEN by Chaz is all about. Check out

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Planning Tricks to Make Your Kid’s Party a Success and a Brief about Twenty Three Layers


Party planning and hosting can get the best of you, if you are not up the task. Cool Mom Picks provides timeless, time saving tricks and hacks designed to make your party easy going and unforgettable. The tips provided will help you pull off any party event you wish to organize; whether it is a birthday party, kid’s holiday entertainment, Halloween parties or backyard potluck. The top party tips listed on the company website, include; hiring a co-host, planning ahead using apps, involving kids and sending digital invitations. The other important tip is engaging the kids in fun craft activities. Bringing along a party co-host is a big plus in many ways, because it can save you money, time and help you subdivide labor into easy to manage potions.

One way to enjoy the benefit of co-hosting is asking a friend to host a party on your behalf. You can also make use of web resources to organize a successful party. Today, there are thousands of apps that offer interesting ideas that can bring any life to a party. An activity and time scheduling app such as Wunderlist provides a guide that can help you get organized during various events. Sending digital invites and party reminders to friends and family has become the norm nowadays because nobody wants to be left behind. To make your party wondrous and fulfilling to all the invited kids, engage them by assigning them chores and room to play games that they enjoy. The chores should be assigned based on the kid’s age. The other way to get the kids involved is by organizing well-thought out craft activities and competitions.

About Twenty Three Layers
Party planning is an elaborate process that requires great skills and coordination. Twenty Three Layers is a trusted event planning company in NYC. According to, the company organizes various events, including corporate meetings, charitable functions, luncheons, weddings, galas and other public events. The success of Twenty Three Layers event planners in New York City stem from various factors, including the staff’s ability to marry creative inspiration with seasoned knowledge to deliver outstanding entertainment, décor and food.

Why You Should Use Twenty-Three Layers to Plan Events and Parties in NYC

Everyone loves getting together with family and friends for special occasions. However, planning and hosting such an occasion can be a hectic experience especially if you’re a busy individual. Among event planners in New York, Twenty Three Layers stands out. If you’re in NYC, there is no need to worry because Twenty Three Layers will do it for you. Their team of expert event planners goes about their business effortlessly to not only make your event planning stress-free but also to make it a fun ordeal.

For those busy people who don’t have enough time, energy or creativity to plan events, Twenty Three Pilots acts as the ideal co-host. They handle all the planning and logistics while you can put your feet up and relax. They employ structures and To-do lists in event planning that enable them to do all the planning in a timely fashion to avoid all the last minute errands and runarounds.

Due to their unrelenting demand for perfection and attention to detail, Twenty Three Layers delivers top quality events that will leave an impression on the guests. They bring together two key ingredients in creative inspiration as well as seasoned knowledge to produce unique events reflecting latest food, décor, and entertainment trends. All in all, Twenty Three Layers can be summarized by one of Einstein’s famous quotes, “Logic will take you from a to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

About Twenty-Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers Is an event planning company in NYC. It offers full-service event planning and design services. Twenty-Three Layers prides itself in transforming ordinary venues to creative, vibrant and purposeful party venues. They have experience and expertise in planning for all types of events whether corporate functions, galas, charitable events, family functions or even personal celebration.

The CEO and Founder, Jessica Boskoff, has over ten years of experience in event planning. Jessica is a sensational innovator and trendsetter in the event planning due to her event planning and organizational talent and skills. She combines her talent for creative design and extensive knowledge in hospitality and luxury lifestyle industry to create beautiful events. Jessica’s inspiration comes from her travel adventures, which she loves to express in her event designs.