Fabletics: Where Functionality, Comfort, and Free-Spirited Humor Collide

Things just can’t stop getting better for the three-year-old online activewear retailer, Fabletics. Since its conception in October 2013, Fabletics has expanded outside of the United States to seven other countries, it has opened six brick-and-mortar stores, it has expanded its line to include mens activewear, and it aims to continue its success with some fifty to one-hundred additional brick-and-mortar store locations around the U.S. within the next five years. The success of this company has been staggering, thanks to its direct business model and, of course, the humor at the heart of the company.

According to Kate Hudson in an interview with Marie Claire magazine, the focus of the Fabletics brand is to inspire people to be more active in all areas of their lives– not just at the gym. Every product in the brand is designed with functionality and comfort in mind, including the addition of dresses that Hudson affirms will allow Fabletic customers to enjoy more mobile experiences, like getting in and out of cars easily. In addition, the brand offers a sort of monthly subscription which provides customers with a monthly delivery of a new activewear outfit of their choosing, as well as a VIP program that offers additional benefits to subscribers. Fabletics has made the process regular and easy, which busy, active customers seem to enjoy. By working directly with its customer base, Fabletics has been able to provide the customers with high-quality products in a price range that is affordable.

It’s functionality and affordability have been secondary, however, to the real driver Fabletic’s success: its wit. In an early video ad, the company employed a clever bleep censor that made the commercial seem more racy than it actually was. Geraldine Martin-Coppola confirmed in an interview with AdWeek that the actress was actually saying “butt,” rather than whatever bit of profanity that the Internet might have attributed to it. This kind of playful, laid back approach to advertising is what Martin-Coppola believes grabs the attention of their target audience, and it does, indeed, give Fabletics the kind of street creed that appeals to the modern, active customer.

As for whatever Fabletics does next, it is bound to be a success.


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