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Mike Baur Starts Up New Company

Mike Baur is a businessman from Switzerland who is the current founder of Swiss Start Up Factory. This company helps businesses get the funding necessary to start up. Over the course of his career, Mike has worked with a number of businesses who have looked to get the financing they need in order to get their businesses started. He has also helped businesses get loans in order to expand as well. Before Mike was running his business, he was working in the banking industry where he would regularly help business owners find ways to reach their goals. During his career, Mike has earned a number of awards that have given him lots of positive recognition and credibility in the business community.


 Baur is the founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. This company specializes in helping businesses get the capital necessary to start up. When working with potential customers, Mike will hold events where business owners pitch their idea to him. Mike will then choose the business that he believes has the most potential for success. Once he decides which business to work with, he will then provide them with funding so that they can achieve their goals. With this business model, Mike has been able to help a number of businesses get the capital necessary without having to rely on other financial institutions.


Prior to running his company Swiss Start up Factory, Mike Baur worked in banking. While working in the banking industry, Mike would often meet with entrepreneurs to talk about their goals. On many occasions, these entrepreneurs would tell him that they have an idea for a business and need a certain amount of funding to start it up. Baur would then go over the market demand, profit potential and also the type of business that the entrepreneur is looking to start up. If the business idea looked satisfactory, then Baur would look to give the business owner the funding they need to make their business idea into a reality.


With his business model, Mike Baur has found a way to help a number of businesses get started and make a positive contribution to the economy of Switzerland. Since he worked in the banking industry, he has lots of experience in determining what businesses need in order to start up and succeed. Due to his accomplishments in the banking industry and as an entrepreneur, Mike Baur has won numerous awards. These prove that he has made significant contributions to the business community during his career.


Fabletics: Where Functionality, Comfort, and Free-Spirited Humor Collide

Things just can’t stop getting better for the three-year-old online activewear retailer, Fabletics. Since its conception in October 2013, Fabletics has expanded outside of the United States to seven other countries, it has opened six brick-and-mortar stores, it has expanded its line to include mens activewear, and it aims to continue its success with some fifty to one-hundred additional brick-and-mortar store locations around the U.S. within the next five years. The success of this company has been staggering, thanks to its direct business model and, of course, the humor at the heart of the company.

According to Kate Hudson in an interview with Marie Claire magazine, the focus of the Fabletics brand is to inspire people to be more active in all areas of their lives– not just at the gym. Every product in the brand is designed with functionality and comfort in mind, including the addition of dresses that Hudson affirms will allow Fabletic customers to enjoy more mobile experiences, like getting in and out of cars easily. In addition, the brand offers a sort of monthly subscription which provides customers with a monthly delivery of a new activewear outfit of their choosing, as well as a VIP program that offers additional benefits to subscribers. Fabletics has made the process regular and easy, which busy, active customers seem to enjoy. By working directly with its customer base, Fabletics has been able to provide the customers with high-quality products in a price range that is affordable.

It’s functionality and affordability have been secondary, however, to the real driver Fabletic’s success: its wit. In an early video ad, the company employed a clever bleep censor that made the commercial seem more racy than it actually was. Geraldine Martin-Coppola confirmed in an interview with AdWeek that the actress was actually saying “butt,” rather than whatever bit of profanity that the Internet might have attributed to it. This kind of playful, laid back approach to advertising is what Martin-Coppola believes grabs the attention of their target audience, and it does, indeed, give Fabletics the kind of street creed that appeals to the modern, active customer.

As for whatever Fabletics does next, it is bound to be a success.



Shared Office Space: A Product Of NYC Lifestyle


Even if the old economy didn’t collapse, it is possible that new co-working spaces would have surfaced eventually. For one thing, it provides a much different experience to the traditional workplace which gets people actually looking forward to work. For one thing, people will be more willing to put in the hours. In many cases, they tend to go above and beyond for their work in co-working spaces. One of the reasons behind this is that they see the purpose in what they do. However, traditional workplaces were filled with people trying to pay their bills and hold on to their job to the point that they don’t even think about the purpose behind their work.

Co-working spaces allow people to actually work. Fortunately, they are becoming very popular with people that have found other ways to make money that involve actually working. With the reshaping of the workforce because of economic changes, there have been a lot of people that have been forced to think outside the box. One of the harsh new realities of the new economy is that a college degree does not guarantee a job for the student. As a result, people are at a loss for what they can do to find work.

This is where Workville New York shared office space and other forms of co-working spaces come in. Freelancers, contractors, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs gain a lot of advantages from Workville as they seek to start their own business. Co-working spaces give a lot of room for people to seize every opportunity that they can. Many people that have joined co-working spaces have achieved levels of success that are much higher than they could have hoped for with a regular job. Also, people are able to move from dead end jobs in order to find something with a lot of opportunity for growth.

One thing that co-working spaces have helped with is in increasing the flexibility of individuals. People have learned to really stimulate their mind to come up with ways to succeed that work for them. They are also able to work the type of jobs that they want. As a result, not only does their income increase, their sense of self worth increases as well. When they see the purpose behind what they do, it will motivate them to work even more with co-working spaces. They will also feel happy that they have something that is bringing in the money and paying their bills.