Richard Blair’s Success With Wealth Solutions

Renting part of or the entire house to travelers temporarily on Airbnb has become a popular way of making easy money. Most people fail to consider the possible occurrence of unexpected problems such as damages that the homeowners insurance may not cover. This situation causes most people to report losses that are caused by the tenants. Some factors to consider before renting out your home are risks, insurance coverage and protection. When you take in guests, it makes you responsible for risks such as injuries, theft, and damage to property including neighbors as well as lawsuits for their illegal activities. Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover temporary rentals. In addition, the protection covered by Airbnb is secondary, thus hard to follow up.

It is highly recommended that one should speak to a wealth insurance expert before making a decision of taking in a temporary tenant. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is here to offer you with a variety of services to boost your wealth. With an experience spanning over 20 years, Richard Blair is highly knowledgeable on matters of wealth insurance. You can trust him to review your options and provide sound advice that is suitable for your situation.

Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions. The investment advisory firm focuses on financial planning and wealth management services. It also offers advice and information on funds for high net worth clients. With over $55 million assets under its management, the company specializes in diverse areas that include insurance, employee benefits, asset protection, estate tax and planning, securities and integrated financial planning. In his career, he has worked with diverse companies such as Blair Insurance Group LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, United Global Securities, Wealth Solutions, Inc., and Worldwide Ventures.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions partners with clients to ensure that they are provided with excellent services. These services includes 24/7 access to investment options, trusted and professional financial advice, unique investing goals and excellent security measures. Wealth Solutions also offers retirement planning services. They help you through all stages of retirement besides identifying opportunities that would create wealth. Due to Richard Blair’s vast knowledge in market trends, he helps clients evaluate their assets and liabilities and establish goals besides working with them towards achieving their goals. This information was originally mentioned on Hackronym as outlined in the following link

Richard Dwayne Blair
Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial advisor, Annuity Specialist, a certified Fund Specialist, Estate and Trust Specialist, and a Certified Income specialist. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Houston. He has over 22 years experience in financial industry. With a passion for accomplishing financial goals, Richard Blair started up his own company, Wealth Solutions. This information was originally published on Linked In as explained in this link