Politico Releases Information On George Soros’ Visit To The DNC Convention

Politico has been covering the DNC convention since it began, and every speech and news item has been shared with incredible scrutiny. One of the most recent developments is George Soros and his donation of $25 million to several democratic campaigns. He has been active in the political realm for some time, but he is stepping up his game with the presidential election coming up. This article explains why George believes he must begin giving once again.

#1: Donald Trump Is On The Rise

Donald Trump has been on the rise of late, and his poll numbers have pushed George to give quite a lot of his own money to help defeat him. The Soros family survived the holocaust, and George does not want someone with Donald Trump’s worldview to become president. Progressive viewpoints on seekingalpha.com are very important to George, and giving the majority of his funds to Hillary Clinton will ensure her campaign has financial backing.

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#2: Progressive Politics Help Stabilize The Economy

Stabilizing the economy is quite important to George, and he wants to see the American economy remain stable so that it will not throw the rest of the world into turmoil. George Soros believes that the progressive politics Hillary Clinton campaigns on will prevent the global economy from seeing a recession that mirrors the one started by the fallout of the subprime loan market.

#3: George Has Many Disciples

There are quite a few investors and pollsters who are following George Soros, and he has become one of the most popular people who has crossed over from finance to politics. He has never run for office, but he believes in helping those who desire to run.

Running for president requires funds, and George Soros is proud to give to the DNC. Helping democrats take office is at the heart of George’s political views at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-06-30/soros-says-brexit-has-unleashed-a-financial-markets-crisis.