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Securus Technologies Implementing New Technologies

One of the great tragedies of being in prison is lacking relational contacts with helpful friends and family on the outside. It is essential that some way be established for that emotional link to remain in place. Securus Technologies is a prison phone company that strives to do just that. With their innovative and safety oriented phone systems, Securus is leading the way in helping prisoners remain connected with their families.

Another recent innovation that Securus has done is adding in an automated complaint form to their communication system. This complaint form empowers prisoners to share their frustrations with staff, without having to fill out a lengthy and time consuming paper. “Securus is committed to continuously providing new technology and features for our customers,” emphasized Russell Roberts, a Vice President at Securus. An Illinois prison official responded on the wonderful efficiency this new Securus technology provided for them. “The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application was the easiest to implement; our nurses love it; everyone loves it. We will save thousands of dollars on paper costs alone,” observed Chief Kolitwenzew. Data reports that 65% of corrections staff time is now saved as compared to the older paper forms.

Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and they serve over 1 million inmates across North America.

When To Start With Online Reputation Management

Every businesses depends on reputation. While a lot of business owners tend to wait until they are hit with damages to their reputation, the better idea would be to think about online reputation first. When one has a plan for online reputation management at the beginning, he will be more prepared to handle all of the potential attacks to his brand. He will also be able to look at all of the different aspects of online reputation management so that he will be able to get everything taken care of in the case of an attack or a crisis.
One other thing to understand is that there is more to online reputation management than PR. While one could do all kinds of PR methods, it is important for the content that is released to be optimized for search engines. One of the major aspects of one’s online is the search results. Therefore, it is important that one uses the help of an SEO specialist or anyone who knows how to optimize content for the search engines so that the negative content will be eventually pushed off of the front page of results. It would also help if the content that is replacing the negative content is very positive.

One thing to understand is that no one is going to be able to look up his business on Google or other search engines in order to find out the reputation of his business. Fortunately, there are tools that one can use in order to monitor what is being said so that he will know when there is an issue that needs to be addressed. It is not just review sites, but also forums that could have information of anything. Anywhere people can post content can potential have information about any business.


Traditions of Kabbalah

The Torah is a vital part of Judaism. It holds for the Jewish the history of their people, and the prophecies and laws for them to seek out and adhere to. Much of what is known about the traditions of Judaism can be found in the Torah. Part of the study of the Torah is Kabbalah, a look at a few certain areas of their Holy Book. Kabbalah outlines a few specific doctrines to be discussed and studied more carefully, for the better understanding of the meanings within. While it’s roots are strong in Judaism, other religions, such as various Christian denominations, have adopted Kabbalah as well. Kabbalah itself is not a religion, but rather, a method of teaching certain aspects of religion. In Jewish culture, it is a method used to help younger members of the faith understand some of the more difficult to interpret passages of the Torah, especially those relating to the Infinite God and the Finite World. Kabbalah is filled with teachings of wisdom not only about the world, but also of the mind and body, arguably helping people become closer to God on many levels.

As stated in, the Kabbalah Centre, based in California, is a non-profit that offers educational help on the Zohar and Kabbalah. Philip and Karen Berg, the founders of this organization, believed that Kabbalah as he knows and loves it, should be shared with all of humanity, to not only bring everyone closer to God, but to each other as well. To this day, since it’s founding in 1922, the Kabbalah Centre has spread it’s reach to many parts of the world, working to bring people together and to share the wisdom of Kabbalah, even using online classes to further their reach.

The Centre not only offers teachings, but volunteer opportunities as well. They provide many opportunities for people to not only learn, but to help and connect with others. Study groups, event organizing, translations, and mentoring are only a few services people can choose to volunteer for. The Centre also offers many events, some of which are special classes with the leaders of the organization, that all people from all walks of life are welcome to participate in.

Visit the Kabbalah Centre on their website for more information.

Richard Blair’s Success With Wealth Solutions

Renting part of or the entire house to travelers temporarily on Airbnb has become a popular way of making easy money. Most people fail to consider the possible occurrence of unexpected problems such as damages that the homeowners insurance may not cover. This situation causes most people to report losses that are caused by the tenants. Some factors to consider before renting out your home are risks, insurance coverage and protection. When you take in guests, it makes you responsible for risks such as injuries, theft, and damage to property including neighbors as well as lawsuits for their illegal activities. Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover temporary rentals. In addition, the protection covered by Airbnb is secondary, thus hard to follow up.

It is highly recommended that one should speak to a wealth insurance expert before making a decision of taking in a temporary tenant. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is here to offer you with a variety of services to boost your wealth. With an experience spanning over 20 years, Richard Blair is highly knowledgeable on matters of wealth insurance. You can trust him to review your options and provide sound advice that is suitable for your situation.

Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions. The investment advisory firm focuses on financial planning and wealth management services. It also offers advice and information on funds for high net worth clients. With over $55 million assets under its management, the company specializes in diverse areas that include insurance, employee benefits, asset protection, estate tax and planning, securities and integrated financial planning. In his career, he has worked with diverse companies such as Blair Insurance Group LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, United Global Securities, Wealth Solutions, Inc., and Worldwide Ventures.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions partners with clients to ensure that they are provided with excellent services. These services includes 24/7 access to investment options, trusted and professional financial advice, unique investing goals and excellent security measures. Wealth Solutions also offers retirement planning services. They help you through all stages of retirement besides identifying opportunities that would create wealth. Due to Richard Blair’s vast knowledge in market trends, he helps clients evaluate their assets and liabilities and establish goals besides working with them towards achieving their goals. This information was originally mentioned on Hackronym as outlined in the following link

Richard Dwayne Blair
Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial advisor, Annuity Specialist, a certified Fund Specialist, Estate and Trust Specialist, and a Certified Income specialist. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Houston. He has over 22 years experience in financial industry. With a passion for accomplishing financial goals, Richard Blair started up his own company, Wealth Solutions. This information was originally published on Linked In as explained in this link

Doe Deere Brings Her Passion For Makeup To Life

Passion is something that can be harnessed for good. When people are passionate about what they do, they are able to bring that passion to their work. This is a lesson that Doe Deere, owner of Lime Crime, one of the most widely admired makeup retailers online, has taken straight to heart. She knows how important it is to bring passion to everything that she does in life. She also know how important it is care about the products she sells and the image she brings to her company. This is why she has done so well in her career: passion.

Passion Is Key

As she recounts in a recent interview for Galore Magazine, her life is about passion. She cares very much about her followers and her customers. She loves that she is able to take things that she cares about such as makeup and use that to help her create a business that has been in place for over a decade. During this time, she has created a vocal and highly loyal fan base. They much admire her work and look to follow in her fashionable footsteps. Looking to her for inspiration has become second nature to many of her customers.

A Happy Base

Her life has been about showing the power of makeup and the ability to take makeup and make into a fashionable view of the world. She uses products that are only made from the finest possible ingredients. Then she takes such items and turns them into a form of personalized art. With her help, her base has found it easy to see how she can use such items to create looks that are modern and fit in well with any look. Her happy base has learned much from her use of makeup and her fashion view of the world.

Loving Her Life

Above all else, Deere loves what she does and loves the life she leads as head of Lime Crime. It is this love that comes across in all that she does. When her fans log on to her site, they know that they are being part of world that she for them, one that is all about bright color and all about being part of an artistic worldview. Her fans have come to love how she can take ordinary ideas and turn them into something that is quite unique in today’s world.

Learn more:

Doe Deere of Lime Crime: Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically


Thor Halvorssen is Making Waves

Thor Halvorssen works hard because he has a cause that is worth believing in. The 39 year old half Norwegian, half Venezuelan leader and founder of the Human Rights Foundation believes in the cause that his foundation supports. He has good reason to do so as he has first hand experience in the kind of injustices that his foundation supports.

Halvorssen, who is half Norwegian and and half Venezuelan spent much of his formative years in Venezula, where he watched as his father was taken prisoner for his political beliefs and his mother was shot during a protest against his life. While his life is much more stable now than it was during those early tumultous days, the memory of what it was like to live under such terrible conditions has never left him.

Halvorssen works tirelessly and is known for staying up late to keep working, despite waking up early to get to meet with people and do interviews. His approach has gained him quite a bit of notoriety, and has landed him interviews on popular talk shows on large netwoks like Fox News. He has also been called the new face of Human Rights advocacy by Buzzfeed.

But Halvorssen is more proud of the work he has done and what he has accomplished that these kinds of accolades. He also is always focused on the next task. Right now, Thor Halvorssen is focused on ending the decades long tyranny that in North Korea, and ending the reign of Kim Sung Il. He and his orangization have alredy worked with groups of North Korean defectors to help them get their stories out so that real progress can be made.

His tirelessness and his dedication to the cause are what make Thor Halvorssen a force to be reckoned with. Unlike many human rights crusaders, he has proven that he has what it takes and is not afraid of retaliation. He has been arrested and beaten while working in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City documenting the story of a banned church there, but he still soldiers on working to fight the good fight.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

Politico Releases Information On George Soros’ Visit To The DNC Convention

Politico has been covering the DNC convention since it began, and every speech and news item has been shared with incredible scrutiny. One of the most recent developments is George Soros and his donation of $25 million to several democratic campaigns. He has been active in the political realm for some time, but he is stepping up his game with the presidential election coming up. This article explains why George believes he must begin giving once again.

#1: Donald Trump Is On The Rise

Donald Trump has been on the rise of late, and his poll numbers have pushed George to give quite a lot of his own money to help defeat him. The Soros family survived the holocaust, and George does not want someone with Donald Trump’s worldview to become president. Progressive viewpoints on are very important to George, and giving the majority of his funds to Hillary Clinton will ensure her campaign has financial backing.

Read more: George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

#2: Progressive Politics Help Stabilize The Economy

Stabilizing the economy is quite important to George, and he wants to see the American economy remain stable so that it will not throw the rest of the world into turmoil. George Soros believes that the progressive politics Hillary Clinton campaigns on will prevent the global economy from seeing a recession that mirrors the one started by the fallout of the subprime loan market.

#3: George Has Many Disciples

There are quite a few investors and pollsters who are following George Soros, and he has become one of the most popular people who has crossed over from finance to politics. He has never run for office, but he believes in helping those who desire to run.

Running for president requires funds, and George Soros is proud to give to the DNC. Helping democrats take office is at the heart of George’s political views at

Younger Looking Hair By Wen From Chaz Is Expected

WEN by Chaz Dean is a product that is showing up on television and on Sephora infomercials. The product claims to help fine hair regain health. It was put to the test by a young woman and below is the results. Wen by Chaz is natural and gives hair the healthy ingredients it is missing. It could cause your hair to begin acting as it did when you were young. See their website

Cleansing your hair daily is something most teenagers will do because their heads and bodies create a lot of oil. Their hair becomes oily in a few hours and their skin becomes oily as well. Chaz Dean understood this when he began creating his healthy hair product. He knew what the hair was missing after years of shampoos and harsh chemicals. He understands what hair goes through when people blow dry, straight iron curl, or straighten with hot irons. He knows what the dirt and grime from the city can do to your hair. He knows and he created the conditioning shampoo that will help your hair become healthy again like it was when you were young.

One woman took the challenge. She purchased it on Amazon and put it to the test. Her hair was really thin and fine. It was in much need of love. After the first shampoo with Wen, the young woman noticed volume and bounce. Her hair was very shiny and clean. Everyone she met was noticing her beautiful hair that was full of life. Wen gave her back her bounce. After sleeping, the woman noticed her hair was oily. She washed it again and her hair became healthy and shiny. Each day her hair looked better and people began to comment. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

After a full week of daily washing, the young woman noticed her hair was as healthy as it was when she was young. The downside was she had to wash her hair every day. This made her almost late a few times but her hair looked fabulous and she loved the results.

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