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How Does Martin Lustgarten Help Investors Save For Retirement?

Martin Lustgarten has a lot of clients who all have different needs. Some of them are coming to him to make sure that they can make money from simply investments, but others of them are going to find that they need to save for retirement. Someone who approaches Martin Lustgarten for retirement help is going to have an account set up just for that purpose, and he will start helping the client learn how they can create a nest egg that is worth their time.

There are a lot of people who have goals for their retirement, and they will share those goals with Martin Lustgarten when they talk to him. He will take their goals and turn them into a plan for investing that could send the client’s money around the world. The people who work with Martin Lustgarten can adjust their investments as they go, and he will help them make changes when they believe that it is time. Someone who is very committed to the way that they invest can ask Martin Lustgarten to expand their investments, or they can make changes based on his advice.

Martin Lustgarten is researching investing around the world, and he is looking at all the countries where someone could do really well with their money. He is not afraid to go outside the American market, and there is always a place where someone can succeed just because they have a particular interest or goal. These interests and goals are going to change the way that people look at their investments, and it will help them get ready to retire. Retiring should not be hard, and that is why Martin Lustgarten is on the job. He has a way of making this much easier for everyone, and he has a way of changing the fortunes of someone who comes to him for help.

The simplicity of what Martin Lustgarten does helps people beyond any other measure. It takes them to a place that will help them retire well, and it builds their cash flow. Retirees will have a permanent partner in Martin Lustgarten.

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Securus Technology Fulfilling Their Duty to Provide Public Safety

Securus America Technologies has a whole host of solutions that involve law enforcement practices. Handling public safety is a major concern and topic of discussion among many Americans. Securus Technology according to PR Newswire is providing public services that make it a little safer for all of us. Their technology helps public service organizations store valuable data and collect information that is essential to guaranteeing safety. The company even offers a security monitory system that can keep the public safe in the event that an incarcerated individual escapes from jail, or if detained juvenile is missing. More information can be found about the company in their Linkedin page.
The investigative solutions that Securus Technology offers brings together the investigative and public safety features that law enforcement agencies primarily use. Visual aids and identifiers are a couple of technological investigative tools that also help provide observation and effective situation monitoring of inmates in criminal rehabilitation institutions.

The technology driven services that Securus Technologies provides gives families and incarcerated victims a chance to come together and talk during a difficult situation. PR Newswire reports on the latest technologies offered by Securus Technologies which allow inmates and family members to communication in the most efficient ways. People are given access to special account, which Securus Technology provides, and they will be able to email, video conference, and text their incarcerated family member in a convenient manner.

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Richard Blair And Insurance Issues To Look At Before Renting On AIRBNB

Often, many people opt to rent part or their whole houses on Airbnb as a way of making easy and quick money. By hosting travelers, home owners can get the money they require to pay for their homes within a short time. However, recent incidents have indicated that unexpected problems can also crop up. Temporary renters can cause damage that is not covered by homeowner insurance. As a result, the amateur hoteliers can be left with financial and legal issues they did not anticipate. Addressing these issues end up costing more than the cash made from renting out a home.

There are multiple issues to consider before renting your property through organizations like Airbnb. The major issues include risks, protection, and insurance coverage. Having tenants comes with many risks. As the owner of the property, you are liable for injuries to the guests as well as any damage to your property. Additionally, you face potential lawsuits if they engage in legal activities including theft. Some of the tenants may refuse to pay for the services which can lead to losses.

The type of protection provided by Airbnb is not primary coverage. It comes in once you have depleted your resources. Additionally, the homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover the short-term rentals. For this reason, you are solely responsible for the expenses incurred by the guests you accommodate. It is recommended that you have a look at these risks before you decide whether you still want immediate guests. In addition, it is essential to talk a certified insurance expert or a wealth manager. Wealth Solutions’ Richard Blair is one such professional.

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is a Registered Financial Advisor. He is the proprietor of Wealth Solutions that is found in Dallas, Texas. Richard formed the firm in 1994 with the intention of making a positive change in the lives of people including small business owners. He has over 23 years of experience in the financial sector. Due to his natural talent in finance, he realized that he had the potential to help people make sound financial plans as well as investments. Richard joined the financial industry immediately after graduating in 1993. Throughout the years, he has perfected his knowledge of retirement planning. From his experience, he has focused on assisting his clients to bridge the gap between preparing themselves for retirement and living in retirement. Richard is a Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, and a Retirement Income Certified Professional.

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Building a Better Shark

White Shark Media started from the ground up, and has used their customer experiences — both good and bad — to improve the services they offer their clients. While they have received numerous compliments on their internationally recognized marketing work, they have also received their share of customer complaints. The once small company has used both to improve the quality of their services.

While it may be unusual to focus on the complaints a company has received throughout its history, White Shark Media feels it is important to let clients and potential customers know that they are not only being heard, but that their concerns are being addressed, not dismissed.

Search Engine Management and Marketing is a vast and difficult field to navigate. It is not unusual for customers to feel lost in what is going on, and White Shark Media figured that out early in the game. Now, every client is explained the ins and outs of the process at the start, so that they not only understand what is happening, but are better equipped to contribute.

Some of the primary complaints clients voiced since the company’s founding in 2011 concerned better, and clearer, communications. To facilitate this, White Shark Media has implemented a host of strategies and approaches that make the process more transparent.

Teaming-up with Google AdWords has allowed them to provide even more information clients feel they need regarding their AdWords accounts and performance.

Each SEM consultant works under a supervisor who oversees no more than five employees, and this supervisor follows the client through the lifetime of his partnership with the firm. SEM strategists also have a direct line, so customers can reach the person most in-touch with their business’ needs.

As many of their clients were receiving inquiries by phone, White Shark Media also teamed-up with Marchex to provide call tracking. While this started in response to a particular set of customers, it became so integral to their business model that it is now a standard feature, offered freely to all clients.

White Shark Media is one of a handful of marketing firms backed exclusively by both Google and Microsoft (Bing), and has been in business for five years. They do not offer SEO services, but can assist in helping you determine which firm best suits your needs.

White Shark Media has learned that while compliments sooth the ego, constructive criticism builds a better business.

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An Apartment Tour With Wengie

Wengie gives a tour of her apartment on YouTube so that others can see her style of living. From the beautiful music to the charming atmosphere, you can see the love and personality that Wengie has put into decorating her home.

The living room features a coffee table that has been made form an old trunk. Cute candles adorn the top of the table as well as a bowl of candies. A remote control box is placed on the side of the couch. Bright pillows are on the couch. A large picture of various shoes that Wengie owns is on one wall. The living room is a place that is happy and fun to be in after a long day.

Wengie has a makeup area, which is her favorite part of the home. There are several boxes that extend up along one wall. These contain some of her favorite pieces of makeup. There is a cushion that looks like a button on her stool that sits in front of her mirror. She has all of her perfumes, nail polish and foundations on the wall with coordinated flowers for each item.

There is a good bit of storage in Wengie’s apartment. A large table that holds her television in the living room also has several drawers and storage compartments. She enjoys flowers as they are seen on shelves and tables throughout her home. Decorative boxes line her walls and feature some of her favorite figurines. The bedroom features an open wardrobe and colorful floral prints on the walls.


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Beneful: A dog’s best friend

Beneful, a PurinaStore brand, has been on the consumer market since 2001, in that time the brand has become a household name to dog lovers everywhere. Sporting an overwhelming 95% customer satisfaction rating, lets explore a few variants of their foods . With 20 different varieties of food to suit all different breeds, ages and health considerations, there is sure to be a perfect fit for your dog.
Beneful Originals with Salmon: this Amazon best-seller is a great choice for a pooch of any age, this quality food comes with a nutritious and tasty mix of natural ingredients. Made with real salmon, featuring 23 essential vitamins and minerals, topped with omega fatty acids to promote healthy coat and skin. All with a taste that is sure to be a hit with your dog!

Beneful Healthy Puppy food: A specially formulated recipe for the new addition to your family. Calcium rich for healthy bones, DHA for vision and brain development and made with real chicken. Help your young furry friend grow up big and strong with Beneful’s Healthy Puppy food.

Beneful IncrediBites with Beef: Made with small dog breeds in mind, comes in tender bite size pieces that will have your dog begging for more. With delicious real beef and accented with carrots and peas, this food is guaranteed to give complete and balanced nutrition for your small breed dog.

Beneful Healthy Weight with Chicken: If your pup packing a few extra pounds? Help them shed a that unwanted weight away with Beneful’s Healthy Weight food. Made with real chicken, this food offers 10% less calories than compared the Beneful’s Originals, while still providing all the essential nutrients and vitamins your dog needs, along with a great taste too.

Beneful Baked Delights Stars Bacon and Cheese snacks: Help to answer the age old question; “Whose a good boy?”, with these tasty snacks. Shortbread cookies with real bacon and cheese will soon be the new favorite of your dog. Comes in resealable pouches to ensure freshness for plenty of rewards for your four legged pal.

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Lime Crime Specialty Makeup Company Instagram Following at Over Two Million

The Lime Crime is specialty makeup brand that sell makeup that is exceedingly bright in color and fun makeup trends in the beauty industry recently made it to over two million followers on Instagram this May. Lime Crime uses social media to demonstrate their products, share beauty inspirations and to connect with their fans.

Instagram followers of Lime Crime can share their Lime Crime makeup looks on Twitter and Instagram so Lime Crime and other fans of the specialty makeup brand with the hashtag #limecrime or with Lime Crime directly with @limecrimemakeup. These photos appear on Twitter, Instagram and on the Lime Crime web store.

The ability to connect with Instagram is a good ecommerce business situation. It gives Lime Crime more sales and more attention and it shows fans of the makeup brand exactly what each makeup product actually looks like in real life on real people instead of models.

Lime Crime has always been on top of ecommerce business during their time as a makeup since 2008. They were one of the first makeup companies to put makeup lip swatches on their website and not just a picture of the lip color. This makes it easier for customers to see what the makeup looks like on real lips rather than just in the lipstick tube. Since lip colors are the primary makeup sold by Lime Crime it makes sense that they would use lip swatches as samples to show customers. Lime Crime’s newest lip products are their lip bundles. They have to Two Moods duo which has a dark lip color and a nude lip color. Lime Crime’s other new lip bundles are the two packs of the matte Velvetines and the shimmery Perlees.

You can shop from Lime Crime at their website, Urban Outfitters and other select fashion or beauty retailers.