Yeonmi Park Demonstrates Bravery Through Her Book

There are many dangers in the world. There are dangerous occupations, dangerous places, and even dangerous people. One individual in particular is living a dangerous life as she became a defector of the oppressive North Korean regime. This young woman is Yeonmi Park and is one of the very few women in the world that was able to turn their hardship and suffering around with the current focus to help others. Yeonmi Park has spoken to the world of her story as a North Korean defector. Though she is not the only North Korean human rights activist, she is one of the youngest, and one of the toughest. She as well as her fellow defectors have the goal of educating the world as well as actually helping individuals escape from North Korea.
Yeonmi Park in her recent Amazon book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, tells her full story of how and why she became a defector to her country. Ms. Park starts her story with the fact that she was born in 1993 to a working class family in North Korea. Though her family was well respected in the community that she lived in, her family fell on hard times during the collapse of the economy in the 1990s. As a result of this, Park’s father became involved in the black market and smuggled metals into China. Though this was a temporary solution, Ms. Park’s father was eventually discovered and was punished by being sent to a labor camp.

As a result, both Yeonmi Park and her mother were subjected to starvation and isolation from their community. This as well as the taste of freedom are what prompted Ms. Park and her mother to flee the North Korean border and to head for China. In Ms. Park’s book reviewed by News.AU, she not only tells the story of her and her mother fleeing the border, but also the story of her and her mother being forced into human trafficking. The book is an overall summary of her adventure to find freedom and is meant to teach the world of North Korea’s cruelty.

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