Cooper and Lacey Benefit From Beneful

It all started when cooper was a puppy. Since the day we got cooper he has only had products. When cooper was a puppy we started him out on Beneful healthy puppy food. Cooper loved his healthy puppy food and we could tell due to the fact that there would never be a bite left in his bowl. Healthy puppy food gave cooper, even more, energy than most puppies who don’t eat Beneful have. After cooper got older we ended up feeding him Beneful originals dry dog food. We would buy on Wal-Mart and switch from week to week between the real beef and the real chicken originals dry dog food. Cooper liked the fact that he could eat a different flavor of dog food every other week and we liked the fact that Beneful had so many different flavor choices to choose from but was still nutritious and healthy. Not many dog food’s on the market are healthy and taste good at the same time so it was very impressive that Beneful is. We have a second dog along with cooper named lacey and lacey had a problem with her weight until we put her on Beneful healthy weight dry dog food and within a week we were able to see the results. Beneful has been a complete blessing to our family and has kept both of our dogs beyond happy so over the years we also decided to start using Beneful dental ridge dog treats ( to maintain lacey and coopers teeth. A lot of our friends who have dog’s have asked us many times what kind of food and treats we feed lacey and cooper and we always tell them Beneful because Beneful in our book has always deserved recognition for the amazing products that it creates and sells on Amazon to its customers.