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Yeonmi Park Demonstrates Bravery Through Her Book

There are many dangers in the world. There are dangerous occupations, dangerous places, and even dangerous people. One individual in particular is living a dangerous life as she became a defector of the oppressive North Korean regime. This young woman is Yeonmi Park and is one of the very few women in the world that was able to turn their hardship and suffering around with the current focus to help others. Yeonmi Park has spoken to the world of her story as a North Korean defector. Though she is not the only North Korean human rights activist, she is one of the youngest, and one of the toughest. She as well as her fellow defectors have the goal of educating the world as well as actually helping individuals escape from North Korea.
Yeonmi Park in her recent Amazon book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, tells her full story of how and why she became a defector to her country. Ms. Park starts her story with the fact that she was born in 1993 to a working class family in North Korea. Though her family was well respected in the community that she lived in, her family fell on hard times during the collapse of the economy in the 1990s. As a result of this, Park’s father became involved in the black market and smuggled metals into China. Though this was a temporary solution, Ms. Park’s father was eventually discovered and was punished by being sent to a labor camp.

As a result, both Yeonmi Park and her mother were subjected to starvation and isolation from their community. This as well as the taste of freedom are what prompted Ms. Park and her mother to flee the North Korean border and to head for China. In Ms. Park’s book reviewed by News.AU, she not only tells the story of her and her mother fleeing the border, but also the story of her and her mother being forced into human trafficking. The book is an overall summary of her adventure to find freedom and is meant to teach the world of North Korea’s cruelty.

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The Rules of Success for Businesses

There are many businesses that start up. However, there are very few that are actually quite successful. Many owners of failed businesses do not know what it takes to be successful. The truth is that there are quite a few secrets that business owners have that bring it success. However, these business owners are very willing to share these secrets. Among these successful business owners is Darius Fisher who has started Status Labs. He has gone on plenty of interviews in which he talks about his business, why he started the business and what he plans to do later on with his career.


Darius Fisher understands that one of the secrets to success is to have a good reputation. This is why he runs his company, Status Labs. He wants to provide his clients with ways to improve their reputation for different reasons which include defending against a bad report. Many clients come to him because of damages being done to their online reputation which results in them losing businesses and even having their relationships ruined. Darius Fisher and his staff at Status Labs have figured out a procedure in order to help bring about greater reputation to his clients so that they can continue to conduct their business and bring in revenue.
Darius Fisher has done work for clients which include Fortune 500 companies, politicians, celebrities and plenty of other types of clients. Therefore, he knows that online reputation management is a legitimate need for many entities. Darius Fisher compares his business model to Scandal. However, his field of work is much more peaceful than the show depicts. He and his staff have a lot of experience with various aspects of PR and search engine optimization. Therefore, they are able to provide improved search results for their clients so that they can experience more business.

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What You Should Know About Andy Wirth

The existence and perfection of Squaw ski area as an excellent tour destination are due to the culmination of Andy Wirth work. Besides this great effort, it sounds amazing to hear that he is still Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO. He has also shown great team effort in the organization of services associated with community and environment. All these are bold measures to help in upgrading Lake Tahoe regions, with the aim of improving the living standards of its people. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

The foundation of the Wounded Warrior Support, which is also known as Ironman team was made possible with Mr. Wirth support. It was aimed with a purpose of honoring the Navy SEALs team. Members of this team could gain concrete operational support from this high profiled organization.

The Squaw Valley ski is just next to Alpine Meadows. Therefore, there were announcements made to compel the building of a gondola to join the two resorts. The two skies were separated by just two distinct cultures and ski passes. Squaw Valley is the originality of the modern mountain resort in America. It entails history, heritage, and various amenities. Squaw Valley is described as one of the popular and standard hotels across the globe.

According to Andy Wirth, the Valley has a capacity of moving over 50,000 skiers on the hill per hour. He added that the resort has parking lots with many hotel rooms too among other incredible features.

Along these achievements, Wirth was successfully appointed as the new chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees by the Reno-Sparks Convention. The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC) finds it incumbent to promote air service into the International Airport and in identifying new strategies for additional flights.

In his introductory speeches, he pointed out that the development and progress of the airport would be realizable if new ideas are generated by new people who have talents and experience. He has much experience in resort management globally due to the exposure while working with several airlines to stabilize resorts flights in Utah, Canada, and Colorado.

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Great Looking Hair With Wen by Chaz Dean

Is there a woman out there who doesn’t want lustrous, beautiful hair? Probably not! That’s why the search for a great hair care product just never seems to end. For women who feel they have “problem” hair, like hair that is always flat and oily and hard to style, the search can seem pretty endless. The good news is that there are solutions out there, especially from a new product line called Wen hair by Chaz ( A recent article in outlines how the product works and the kind of results it can bring on.
There’s no question that the natural, chemical free, sweet smelling shampoo and conditioning products developed by stylist Chaz Dean for Wen by Chaz are truly effective. Women who use the products (in choices that range from Fig, Tea Tree, Lavender and Sweet Almond Mint) report results in just a week. Women who have been plagued by “problem” hair that is lank and greasy say they quickly have hair that is lustrous and fluffy and manageable. That’s the kind of hair women have longed for, which is why Wen hair is being talked about by women who really want results from a natural hair care product.

Are you looking for a breakthrough hair product that will reinvigorate your look? Try purchasing WEN hair from eBay. Your hair will love it, and it will smell fantastic too.

Madison Street Capital Building Value for Investors

There is probably nothing more important than the financial matters concerning your business. If you are a mid level business, it may seem like there is no firm out there to help gain financing or to manage your wealth in a manner that is helpful to your business. Madison Street Capital is the organization that you are looking for. Since their inception, this firm has put the focus on allowing small to mid-sized businesses with the opportunities and information that larger companies always have access to.

This allows for a much more efficient use of company assets and leads to larger profits and successful transactions as well. Growing wealth is not difficult, but it helps having an experienced guide like Madison Street Capital building value for investors.

The reason for this is that Madison Street Capital matches today’s top investment banking firms in the middle market with superior knowledge, extensive experience and positive relationship building. They have guided many corporations through the merger and acquisitions process (M&A) allowing for profitable results. They provide their clients with access to their vast knowledge base and that allows for a mutually informed decision to be made that all parties understand. When this level of understanding exists there is much more chance of success. The staff at Madison Street Capital builds wealth for their clients and that is what makes them a service that is sought after.

Innovation is the cornerstone of success in the world of finances. Madison Street Capital makes this its motto in dealing with all of their clients. Looking beyond a situation and provided new answers that might be a little outside the box. The final result is the most important part of the process. They also do not pull any punches when it comes to honesty and hard hitting advice. It is better to be honest and up front and give an honest assessment to clients, even at the risk of losing business. Some companies will say or do whatever they have to in order to secure a deal, but Madison Street Capital practices the philosophy of tough love with their clients. It is through this honesty that a company can reach take advantage of its assets and grow in the best way possible.

For businesses that are striving to stay ahead of the game, Madison Street Capital is the firm that you want to become involved with. They will take you down the road that you are comfortable traveling. There are many factors coming into play in the international financial markets. With offices located in North America, Africa and Asia, this firm has shown a deep understanding of what it takes to build wealth. Whether it is in the world of M&A or in understanding hedge fund participation and management, they can handle it all. They approach every client as a representative of the family of people that are a part of it owners, employees and community members. Madison Street Capital is there to help all of their clients reach their goals both short term and long term.

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George Soros’s Road Map For Business Success

Much has been written about business people around the world but only a handful of them have worked relentlessly with investors’ best interest in mind. George Soros is one of them. Being the founder of an investment banking firm and mentoring for thousands of clients, George Soros is a successful businessman. But his achievements don’t stop there. He has been noted for his incredible predictions about Europe and its subsequent currency devaluation process that happened during the recession.

George Soros’s predictions have always been proved to be true since he founded his hedge fund firm. No other organization could present the ideal situation and ideas, the perfect combination of service on that will guarantee that investors will get a good return on their investments. George Soros has worked day in and day out in conducting events and seminars to make his predictions known among his potential customers as well. George Soros is courageous, strong and disciplined when it comes to his business and work ethic. He has been able to stay atop some of the most powerful business people in the world. He is also the pioneer in management field, given the many businesses he has opened within a short period of time. In his mid sixties, he is a fast-rising business man and ambitious in every way. His competence and intelligence has got him there. George Soros’ hunger for business as well as knowledge attained by working for many major finance companieshas made his dreams come true. George Soros’s path to success itself is a role model for others to follow.

George Soros unlike many other business people across the world, was not in it solely for money. He wanted to create an impact on the global society which made him alert other investors like him about the ongoing changes in the global market. He loved his job and was passionate about what he did – but at the same time wanted to get up every morning because of his passion for business. Dressed in suit he exemplifies on this positive attitude for the audience that likes to hear his success story. He says he likes the challenges in his business and likes the way people approach problem solving. His business firms are a much more enjoyable place for his employees as well where they have the opportunities to assess their strengths and weaknesses and find particular help in solving problems. George Soros learned about his passion, and how to get to where he was trying to go. Knowing himself and the level of competency in the global and volatile market, he needed to master in order to move up – all of these played a huge role in his success.
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JustFab Introduces Plus Size Capsule Collection

Who better to announce to the world, the new plus-size fashion line from JustFab than The Curvy Fashionista. It’s true, JustFab is debuting its new “Plus Size Capsule Collection”. It’s a must-have line of chic, trendy apparel, in sizes up to 3X.

The online subscription retailer, in response to the plus-size community,has rolled out a stunning 35 piece apparel collection. Plus size participated in the design, fitting, and modeling, of the apparel collection, offering designers beneficial feedback, before its launch.

The company commented on its website, “This is only the beginning. We plan to add more styles to our collection throughout the rest of 2016.” “We’re creating custom, head-to-toe looks with shoes, bags, and jewelry, so women can fill their closets with all of the spring and summer styles they adore!”
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The Plus Size Capsule Collection will offer women necessary basics, and an easy, casual look which allows a mix and match way of making their own wardrobe. Within the collection are lightweight dresses, high maxi skirts, and eye-catching denim, making it adaptable to everyone’s lifestyle! The Curvy Fashionista remarked, “I can also see many of the pieces perfect for vacationing and quick getaways.”

JustFab plans more Plus Size Capsule Collection additions throughout 2016 and is encouraging customers to show their plus size style. The company wants women everywhere, around the world, to tag JustFab with their selfies on Instagram, and Facebook. JustFab wants to hear women tell what they love about it, and how good they feel wearing perfect fitting apparel, from the Plus Size Capsule Collection.

The must-have monthly VIP retail subscription service from JustFab is just $22.95. Women register their apparel preferences when they sign up for the subscription service. As each month rolls around, JustFab emails a ‘personal stylist’, in accordance with their preferences, showcasing new apparel selections. More information about the JustFab Plus Size Capsule Collection, and its online retail subscription service

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Sanjay Shah Built An Empire From Solo Capital

Solo Capital was founded in 2011 by Sanjay Shah, the company’s CEO, and has headquarters in London, England. The company has focuses on boutique investments, proprietary trading and consulting on a global level. It wasn’t long before Solo Capital started making a name for itself within the industry. Solo Capital earned an impressive net worth of over $15 million with approximately $70 million in global assets in just 5 years. Sanjay managed to turn Solo Capital into a major industry player and continues to work towards more success.

Sanjay actually started off in a different industry outside of finances, but he realized that medicine was not a field he wanted to stay in. He decided to fight his way into investment banking and accounting, such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. In order to get things start, Sanjay had to start off working alone on investments. He started with a very small client base and started building his business, which has since turned into its own enterprise. With his increased success, Sanjay was determined to found Autism Rocks, an association that raises awareness and money for people with autism.

Aesa S.a.r.l. is the corporation that manages Solo Capital to take care of its assets and the assets of Sanjay’s other companies. There are more than a dozen companies being managed by Aesa, with Solo Capital as the operations center, and it’s still growing. Sanjay Shah will continue to add more businesses to the Solo Capital operation as he expands his businesses ventures around the world.

Sanjay, as an expert businessman, has managed to create an empire from the ground up by finding good companies to invest in and making the right decisions swiftly. With his unique style of management, focusing on overall customer service and acute attention to the details, Sanjay’s companies always provide the the highest quality services.

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Cooper and Lacey Benefit From Beneful

It all started when cooper was a puppy. Since the day we got cooper he has only had products. When cooper was a puppy we started him out on Beneful healthy puppy food. Cooper loved his healthy puppy food and we could tell due to the fact that there would never be a bite left in his bowl. Healthy puppy food gave cooper, even more, energy than most puppies who don’t eat Beneful have. After cooper got older we ended up feeding him Beneful originals dry dog food. We would buy on Wal-Mart and switch from week to week between the real beef and the real chicken originals dry dog food. Cooper liked the fact that he could eat a different flavor of dog food every other week and we liked the fact that Beneful had so many different flavor choices to choose from but was still nutritious and healthy. Not many dog food’s on the market are healthy and taste good at the same time so it was very impressive that Beneful is. We have a second dog along with cooper named lacey and lacey had a problem with her weight until we put her on Beneful healthy weight dry dog food and within a week we were able to see the results. Beneful has been a complete blessing to our family and has kept both of our dogs beyond happy so over the years we also decided to start using Beneful dental ridge dog treats ( to maintain lacey and coopers teeth. A lot of our friends who have dog’s have asked us many times what kind of food and treats we feed lacey and cooper and we always tell them Beneful because Beneful in our book has always deserved recognition for the amazing products that it creates and sells on Amazon to its customers.