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The Huff Post Claims That Slyce Will Change Wedding Industry

Getting Your Wedding Registry Taken Care Of Without Worries

We are in the planning phase for our upcoming wedding. My wife is excited about the dress she will be wearing, and we have already secured all the venues. We have put a lot of effort into planning this. However, we just started working on the gift registry, and I was exploring the internet to look for different options on gift registries. There are a few applications out there that are made to help with registries. The Huffington Post also wrote an article about this subject, and they have some ideas of where technology is taking this industry. I thought the article was interesting, so I researched some of the companies mentioned, and I wanted to share what I found in this post.

The article from the Huffington Post claims to be written by a person who is recently married. They share their experiences in making gift registries a few years back. The writer claims that some of the scanners weren’t working, so they had trouble there. It seemed like a new technology that the retailer was using that wasn’t ready to be used yet. However, technology has evolved greatly since this experience. The new visual search technologies out there, as proposed by the article, have some bearing on making creating a gift registry a whole lot easier.

About Slyce

One of the most interesting finds from the Huffington Post article, for me, was about this company called Slyce. I researched the company after reading the article. The article briefly mentions that a company like Slyce could redefine the wedding gift registry industry, and after researching their company, I would tend to agree with what the article pointed out. Slyce seems like they are growing, and they have the capability to change this industry, for sure.

Slyce has gained a lot of recognition in the past few years as one of the leading brands of visual search recognition. Their application is constantly being updated, so the users will have a better working system to find the products that they want. Slyce makes online shopping a whole lot easier for consumers and retailers. It is easy to see what it could do for the wedding gift registry industry in the upcoming years ahead. Here’s the full article from the Huffington Post about the wedding industry for your perusal.

U.S. Money Reserve Sells Amazing Gold Coins

U.S. Money Reserve has made a solid name for itself in the precious metals market. An incredible array of new customers are contacting the company through its phone number and website to discuss buying gold, silver, and precious metal coins. Coins, not bars or bullion, are the chosen asset Austin’s U.S. Money Reserve opts to deal in. The incredible number of customers who have purchased from U.S. Money Reserve are sure to point out coins do serve their intended purpose. The coins according to  cbs19 allow access to the precious metals market in a reasonable manner.
U.S. Money Reserve’s inventory of precious metal coins is vast. Customers looking for particular types of coins, and a wide range of prices for coins, won’t be disappointed in the selection.

Even a cursory visit to U.S. Money Reserve’s outstanding new website shows the company sells scores of coins. A phone call to an account executive could swiftly setup the purchase of coins. And coins do create a means of adding to an investment portfolio.

Owning precious metal coins comes with another positive aspect some do not initially think about. Gold coins could be nicely displayed on a wall in a room. Yes, the coins are valuable. They are being purchased on goldnewsnetwork for investment purposes, and the bulk of the coins do have to be put away and stored in a safe, secure place. Choosing a small number of coins, encasing them in a glass frame, and displaying the coins on a wall could end up being a brilliantly decorative addition to any room.

The research staff at U.S. Money Reserve puts a tremendous amount of effort and time into selecting the best precious metal coins. A number of these coins are exquisite in their design and appearance. The coins are not purely decorative by any means. The coins contain the required amount of purity percentage to be viable for investing. The designers at various mints do infuse a lot of artistry and skill into the creation of the head and tails of their coins. As such, the coins do end up with visual benefits in addition to their weight in gold.

Learning more about U.S. Money Reserve is not difficult at all thanks to social media. Follow them on Twitter or follow on LinkedIn. Like U.S. Money Reserve on Facebook, too.

The social media posts also cover media appearances by company management, and also discuss charitable endeavors the company is involved.

Thor Halvorssen Explains Bernie Sanders Stance On Socialism

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen has made an appearance on Fox Business to explain his personal opinion on the role of socialism in the U.S. Presidential race and around the world. Halvorssen explained his own views on why socialism is a bad idea in the majority of cases, but also revealed he has made the largest possible donation to the campaign of socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders for President in the 2016 election.

Thor Halvorssen was asked to explain the definition of socialism and give his own insight of the dangers the political ideology poses to democracy. The Venezuelan film producer explained that bringing socialist ideas into a democratic society can have some social benefit, including the chance to provide unviersal health care and free education as has been shown in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark. However, the well known human rights campaigner who helped establish the Oslo Freedom Forum explained the use of socialist ideas can present issues for those in democratic countries when these ideas are pushed to their extremes. Halvorssen used examples from his own history in Venezuela to reveal his belief that a regime using socialist principles can cause harm by limiting press freedom and holding political prisoners.

The family history of Thor Halvorssen is filled with problems caused by the opposition of the family to the socialist government in the South American country. Halvorssen explained his own father was held as a political prisoner despite the fact he held diplomatic status, and saw his mother shot as she took part in a political rally; Halvorssen is still fighting the problems political beliefs have caused his family with the revelation that his cousin is still held as a political prisoner in a Venezuelan jail.

Despite the problems Thor Halvorssen sees with the ideology of socialism he made sure to mention his own belief that Senator Sanders is his choice for the next President of the U.S. The self described socialist Democrat was given the endorsement of Halvorssen because he believes both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have backed fascist regimes and done business with closed societies.


Since the first week of January 2016, George Soros has been warning of an investment crisis in the global market. He has been creating concern for Bloomberg investors to watch over investing in the global market because of the world most dominant economy China is having a challenge in the market too. That China Yuan is sinking and China is having a challenge in adjusting to the situation. The move by China to try investment and services rather than manufacturing is not working well, and many Chinese traders are pausing on investing with the Asian market trade. Soros related this crisis to have some similarities with the crises that happened in 2008 and affected all the global markets.

Visit the site Open Society Foundations to know more about George Soros.

The most area affected by the move by China and he devalued Yuan is Asia. Most Asian countries have lost a lot in the market, and the global equities lost about $2.5 trillion from the market. China trying to lower interest rates according to Soros is not helping the country because more money in the market means there are careless lending and borrowing. These warnings from George Soros are not his first because in 2011 he warned of the Greece and European debt that it would lead to a crisis. Soros never goes wrong when it comes to market decisions, and he possibly saw the situation getting worse and not only has it affected China but the oil market is not doing very well.

George Soros is an independently wealthy Hungarian-born investor, his open-mindedness comes from the fact that he gained his wealth independently from his hedge fund. Soros hedge fund has a net worth of $27.3 billion and according to Forbes magazine he is in the top 25 list of the highest hedge fund earning managers. He also as a liberal thinker practices the values of open society with his open society foundations. Soros open society foundations have even worked for democracy in South Africa. He was against the rule of apartheid policy, and he has also been working with youths in Russia. However Russian government banned the foundation there with a reason that it was propagating soft violence.

However, one can relate the ban from George Soros saying that Russian President was breaking the rules of public democracy with the Ukraine ban. The situation was worsening the state of European Union and could lead to a crisis. His Open Society Foundations, however, have been of great help to those whose rights were violated. He has supported lawyers to help thousands of people who were being unlawfully held. Soros also gives scholarships to students, and he founded Central European University with the purpose of promoting critical thinking. He has been a great influence, especially in the investment world.

Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?

World Wide Direct Marketing Company QNET Empowers and Employs Women

All around the world women are celebrated as part of International Women’s Day in March. But, QNET a global Direct Sales company, is proud of the fact that they celebrate women every single day. The company helps to empower and employ women by providing them with the flexibility that they need in order to take care of their busy family and day to day life will still earning a living and being independent. 

Women, while they have become an increasing large part of the workforce, still require flexible hours and a flexible schedule, something that Direct Sales company QNET provides. Women make up 74% of the direct selling business, a statistic that is parallel at this Hong Kong based company with subsidiaries around the globe, according to Khaled Diab, Regonial General Manager of QNET MENA. 

In addition to providing the flexible hours that women need and the ablity for women to move up in the company easily, QNET also provides a number of other benefits that help this growing Hong Kong based direct sales company appeal to and support women. The company sells a wide range of high quality products that are specifically aimed at and appeal to women. 

Some of the high quality products that QNET sells include high quality makeup, beauty products, and products designed with the health and well being of women in mind. Some of these products include the Physio Radiance Skin Care Range, Coloures make-up by Q-Net, and high end Swiss made watches. All of these products are designed with the input and needs of women in mind. 

To all #QNET ladies, Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Stay strong, stay gorgeous!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

QNET is an Asian direct sales company that is headquartered in Hong Kong and has customers and employees in over 100 countries.

They have helped to pioneer direct sales in Asia using a proprietary e-commerce platform that helps sales people and customers connect. The company sells a wide range of life enhancing products to its customers and focuses on quality just as much as it does on quantity. They work hard to ensure that women are well represented in the company and they they get the support they deserve and need. 

In addition to their headquarters in Hong Kong they also have regional offices in 25 countries. You can find out more about the company and their support of women by following them on Facebook and Twitter or subscribing to their YouTube page.

Learn more about QNET’s charitable efforts and business in India here >>

Suicidal Woman Saved From George Washington Bridge

Just a few days ago, a suicidal woman was talked down off of the George Washington Bridge by the Port Authority police, according to an article published on

Officers who were on patrol on the bridge spotted the woman standing near the edge not wearing a coat on a day that was in the ’30s. They stopped to talk to her and she ended up allowing them to transfer her to the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center near Devco headquarters to be evaluated. A spokesperson for Devco, the subject of recent scrutiny tied to some private loans it received, said that it was clear that the woman was in need of help.

Unfortunately this woman would not have been the first one to take her life by jumping off of the GWB. In just 2014 and 2015 alone, 36 people took their own lives jumping off of it. The Port Authority announced that they will be installing a high fence that will keep people from being able to climb the railing by the year 2024. This railing will be a similar safety device like the one the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has in place. It is estimated that the cost of the railings for the GWB will cost between $35-50 million.

The European Union Has Gone From Protector To Threat In Europe According To George Soros


Billionaire George Soros is more than a hedge fund investor that has made an incredible amount of money. Soros is a social activist and humanitarian that has set up foundations in countries around the world. Soros is making a difference in Russia, the Ukraine and in other nations where people lack the freedom to express themselves. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes, and he frequently speaks about the economic and political dangers that exist in certain parts of the world. Bloomberg TV recently asked him to talk about the European Union and he accepted their invitation.

Mr. Soros posted that interview on his website, and the people in the North America that read it realized that the world’s economy is on shaky ground. The 30-year-old European Union has some serious issues, and a large number of Europeans believe the EU has strayed away from its original role as a security organization and economic promoter. Europeans consider the EU a threat to the stability of the continent. Some European analysts say the 28-member group is a dysfunctional, arrogant and narcissistic bunch of self-serving nations that leads by chance not by methodical design.

George Soros thinks the EU is on the verge of an epic fail. The members of the EU have violated their founding principles by setting up checkpoints on their borders to screen asylum-seekers from the Middle East. Millions of people from Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa have invaded Europe hoping to get a fresh start, but along with well-meaning people that need help an unknown number of terrorists have intermingled with the group, and that has sent a wave of panic through every corner of Western Europe. European Union members say the sheer amount of refugees has created issues for their economies, but when the terrorists’ factor is added to the mix, they say the security of their citizens has been compromised.

The main issue with the EU, according to Mr. Soros, is the lack of leadership during the migration crisis. Rather than working as a unified group, the EU is fragmented. Individual nations are taking measures into their own hands. The open border concept is gone, and it may never return, according to Soros. And to make matters worse, the EU has yet to find an answer to the euro crisis or the strong growth of nationalism in several member nations.

In the interview, Soros mentioned Angela Merkel and her role in the EU. Soros thinks she could bring order back, but she is involved in a political struggle of her own in Germany. For years, there’s been whispers that the EU was going to fail, but Soros thinks 2016 could be the year those whispers become reality.