The Dog Food Revolution

The old tradition of feeding pets with the remains of human food is dead and gone. Innovation has brought into the market specific enriched foods for pets. People are also moving away from the old-fashioned canned dog food. Some of these innovators are so obsessed with the quality of their products and use only fresh ingredients.

The producers make sure that their meals do not sit for long on the shelves so that they are consumed while still fresh and the original flavor is not lost. The products are supplied to big stores like Amazon, Wal-marts and Targets. They also brand the refrigerated cases, and it therefore becomes very easy to identify a specific product for a prospective client.

Some companies have even injected the aspect of customized pet food. In this, a pet owner who is believed to be best placed in knowing his/her pet’s dietary needs is allowed to choose the ingredients and proportions for their pet. The ‘self-cooked’ pet meal is then delivered to the pet owner.

One of the renowned producers of pet food is Purina store with their Purina Beneful brand, Beneful dog food. Their ingredients include real meat and veggies rich in vitamins. This means that with a Beneful brand, one gets a completely balanced meal for your dog. The tastes of the food and textures are also top notch.

The Manager of Technical Operations, Mr. Kevin, is steering the company to its heights. He says that growing up in a farm gave him a unique perspective on the ingredients and the best processes that are involved in making the best quality dog food.

The nutritious dog food by Beneful is fed to more than 15 million dogs every year. Their quality control and protocols ensure their products meet all the requirements of the safety regulation bodies like FDA, AAFCO and USDA. Their ingredients are also tested for over 150 substances like lead, arsenic and mycotoxins. Beneful staff are also pet lovers and feed their dogs the very same products they make.