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Ross Abelow: Rallying For the Benefit of Animals

Animals have for a long time been essential to the society. In recognition of this, a renowned and successful lawyer in New York initiated a fundraiser with the primary objective of taking care of animals in the city. While the target has been set at $5000, Ross Abelow has pledged to donate the entire amount that will be raised for the provision of care and shelter to animals in need especially in times of winter when the temperature drops considerably. At this time, some animals have been established to suffer a lot from the unfavorable weather. The premise and influencing factor for the project was the need to take care of animals that suffered owing to adverse weather conditions.

The money will be distributed across different animal home shelters across the city. The primary objective will be directed towards offering warmth and medication to the rescued animals during winter. The GoFundMe page has provided a description of the nature of the project as well as offered a clear indication of how the money will be spent. This is a clear indication of the high degrees of transparency and accountability that Ross holds himself in the animal welfare project. The animal shelters that will benefit from the proceeds do not necessarily have to have any specific animal. As long as they pledge to advance the interests of animals, they fit the bill. This is evidently a laudable and noble cause.

Ross has been in practice in New York since 1990 when he was licensed. Over the years, he has built a reputation as one of the most successful and accomplished lawyers. He has been involved in a number of high profile cases which he successfully argued. With a focus on family law, Ross has a successful academic background since graduating from Brooklyn Law School. His becoming partner at Abelow and Cassandro is an illustration of the strides he has made in life to this point. He has always been committed to using law practice to advance the interests of members of the community. During his spare time, Ross writes and submits legal articles on emerging legal issues.

Ross has set an important example to everyone in society particularly when it comes to caring for animals and engaging in general acts of charity. As seen from his expertise and how he chooses to work, Ross will continue enjoying success in his field of practice and in life in general.

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The Reputation Doctor Lands a New Job

Mike Paul, known as the Reputation Doctor, has been recently brought on to the advisory board of Status Labs. His years of experience in the industry makes him a valuable addition to the board and Status Labs’ president, Darius Fisher, feels very confident with the move. Paul’s skill set and significant experience in the industry is unmatched and is very well documented with his prestigious resume. He’s counseled and worked with organizations/companies such as Goldman Sachs, Pfizer and Kraft Foods just to name a few.

Status Labs is the perfect environment for Mike Paul due to the nature of its business. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Status Labs specializes in online reputation and public relations which are two key facets of a company’s image and success. It’s harder to build a reputation than it is to lose it and Status Labs understands this. They help companies maintain and build their public image in a world where it can easily be destroyed by just one wrong move.

Status Labs offers several different services such as social media management and marketing, public relations crisis management, media training and even website development. They are a number one stop for companies that are looking to expand their reach and impact in a positive way using the power of the Internet and its vast reach. Status Labs emphasizes the importance of taking preventive measures and offers free tips such as removing personal information from online and changing passwords frequently.

Mike Paul looks to continue the success of Status Labs by serving the advisory board with his knowledgeable counsel. He feels that Status Labs is primed for growth on a global scale during the year of 2016 and beyond and praises current CEO Darius Fisher as a rising star in his profession. Online reputation is more important now more than ever and Status Labs works to protect it. With its recent addition of Mike Paul, the company looks to continue its outreach and presence moving forward.

CCMP Capital: About Private Equity Investment Companies

Are you trying to find on ways to begin investing or grow your current investment portfolio? Want to learn more about private equity and exactly how to decide on a credible private equity investment service? When it comes to choosing a great financial or investment services firm, you need to choose wisely.


Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a reputable and reliable private equity investment company and has experts who can deal with any issues you may have or help you get started the right way.


Private equity companies use their private equity status or holdings to accomplish a variety of essential functions to achieve the demands and needs of their financiers and the companies in which they invest.


Private equity firms are teams or groups of investment professionals that apply pools of money from insurance companies, pension funds, endowment funds, wealthy people and other reliable sources toward purchasing companies and business opportunities that have immense potential for improvement and growth.


While such firms may focus on a variety of investment techniques, including attracting venture capital, they generally buy undervalued or under-appreciated business, make improvements to them, then afterwards sell them for a profit, sort of like house flipping but in a commercial setting. Shortly after acquiring a company, a private capital enterprise will take it off from the market. This allows the company to make hard or controversial decisions without needing to answer to or present sensitive information to shareholders or the general public generally. By making the company private, the enterprise is simply speaking only in charge to its smaller group of investors.


Within the retail, consumer, and services industry, CCMP Capital focuses on direct marketing, consumer packaged goods, specialty retail, Internet, and services industries. CCMP Capital has been around for many years and has acquired great resources that helps it operate efficiently and effectively. For its media and telecom investments, CCMP Capital focuses on consumer and trade publishing, cable, broadcasting, content and programming, and wireline and wireless communications sectors.


There is a great deal of information about CCMP Capital on their website. Have a look around their site, check out the many benefits of choosing CCMP Capital investment services and you can be assured that this reputable company can help you succeed.


Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was one of the most trustworthy private investment professionals in the industry. He worked very hard to ensure the success of his clients, and numerous clients reaped good financial results just by using the guidance and advice of Mr Murray. Stephen was well proficient i all aspects of investment and was entirely dedicated to assisting business owners and companies reach their investment objectives. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12. He was 52.

The Dog Food Revolution

The old tradition of feeding pets with the remains of human food is dead and gone. Innovation has brought into the market specific enriched foods for pets. People are also moving away from the old-fashioned canned dog food. Some of these innovators are so obsessed with the quality of their products and use only fresh ingredients.

The producers make sure that their meals do not sit for long on the shelves so that they are consumed while still fresh and the original flavor is not lost. The products are supplied to big stores like Amazon, Wal-marts and Targets. They also brand the refrigerated cases, and it therefore becomes very easy to identify a specific product for a prospective client.

Some companies have even injected the aspect of customized pet food. In this, a pet owner who is believed to be best placed in knowing his/her pet’s dietary needs is allowed to choose the ingredients and proportions for their pet. The ‘self-cooked’ pet meal is then delivered to the pet owner.

One of the renowned producers of pet food is Purina store with their Purina Beneful brand, Beneful dog food. Their ingredients include real meat and veggies rich in vitamins. This means that with a Beneful brand, one gets a completely balanced meal for your dog. The tastes of the food and textures are also top notch.

The Manager of Technical Operations, Mr. Kevin, is steering the company to its heights. He says that growing up in a farm gave him a unique perspective on the ingredients and the best processes that are involved in making the best quality dog food.

The nutritious dog food by Beneful is fed to more than 15 million dogs every year. Their quality control and protocols ensure their products meet all the requirements of the safety regulation bodies like FDA, AAFCO and USDA. Their ingredients are also tested for over 150 substances like lead, arsenic and mycotoxins. Beneful staff are also pet lovers and feed their dogs the very same products they make.




If Congressional leaders thought they would get answers from former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli regarding his purchase of a number of drugs and then dramatically increasing the price, they were disappointed. Mr. Shkreli evoked his U. S. Constitutional Fifth Amendment Right against self incrimination on all questions presented to him by the congressional forum. With close ties to Laidlaw & Company and other investment bankers, Mr. Shkreli almost could not contain his disdain for the congressional forum seeking answers in his actions to increase the price of a drug fifty times over overnight.

Shkreli, was the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, before he was indicted on United States securities charges for fraud, this past December. As Shkreli continued to press his right against testifying, various members of the Congressional “House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform” expressed their anger toward him. One member threaten to find Shkreli in contempt but decided to take no action. This did not keep Shkreli from expressing his contempt for the Congressional hearing by tweeting the the members of the Congressional panel were “imbeciles.”MARTIN SHKRELI REFUSES TO TESTIFY

The members of the panel have not indicated whether they would take any further action. Legal experts doubt that further hearings will be called while Shkreli is under indictment. If found guilty of the federal charge levied against him, Shkreli could face up to ten years in federal prison. Shkreli has not been scheduled a new court date yet.

State Health Sec. Dr Sergio Cortes Visits Flooded Region

The relentless storms and continued onslaught of downpours started to have recently devastating effect on landscape of Xerém, Duque de Caxias, Brazil. The monsoon like rains have caused severe flooding in has softened the ground enough to cause many landslides. Extra.Global spoke with State Health Sec. Sergio Cortes has just finished touring the area with his evaluation team. They found an incredible amount of contaminated water due to the garbage accumulated since the sanitation service was disrupted by the relentless and unforgiving rain. Dr. Sergio Cortes rolled out a multiple step comprehensive plan to try to curtail this humanitarian crisis. A big problem here is the fact that mosquitoes are rapidly transmitting diseases that can be found in the contaminated stagnant waters. This plan consists of taking a very strong proactive stance against the Aedes aegypti mosquito by the disinfecting of stagnant waters and killing the mosquito larva simultaneously by applying sodium hypochlorite. 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite have been distributed in the area so that local residents can also by taking an active role in contaminating the standing waters.

The female Aedes aegypti mosquito transmitter of the Zika virus according to Serfgio Cortes Wikipedia  which has recently exploded in the state and has grown into a problem that has been detected in over 24 countries in the last two weeks. The Zika virus is especially dangerous to unborn children because just one bite from the Aedes aegypti mosquito can cause the unborn fetus to get a very serious neurological and autoimmune name disorder named microcephaly. But Cortes also explains the be Aedes aegypti may also be linked to Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Dr. Cortes has evaluated on wikipedia the flooded region and this team has constructed 7 special emergency centers.Each of the seven emergency shelters contains 12 dengue hydration shares and will have the capacity to take care of up to 300 of the local residents on a day-to-day basis. The Brazilian government has sent out 220,000 troops throughout the country in the hopes of helping to alleviate the situation. The troops have been actively dispensing bottle drinking water and sodium hypochlorite best be used to help disinfect the stagnant contaminated waters in the region. Dr. Cortes instructs that all drinking should be done solely from bottled water and a bottle of water should also be used in all preparation of foods and of hygiene of the food preparation areas.

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