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Learn How a Business Wikipedia Page Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

Many consumers turn to Google to gain insight on a business of interest. Typically, the search is not performed by typing in the URL of your business, but by searching your business name instead. What consumers likely find in their search results may include:


  • Social Media Sites
  • Press Releases
  • Blog posts or forum pages
  • Related videos
  • Related images
  • Related sub-domains
  • Paid search ads


Wikipedia business page creation can be beneficial for both potential customers and your business. By doing so, your business can leverage the authority that Wikipedia has with Google to better ensure your business lands top placement in search results.


Wikipedia is by far the largest public online resource. Each month Wikipedia astonishingly reaches 18 billion page views and receives 500 million visitors. It’s reputation for a reliable information source is unmatched by Encyclopedia Britannica, the second-largest online resource.


For these reasons, Wikipedia can be a valuable component to the SEO strategy of your business. When a business has a Wikipedia page that shows up in Google’s search results, the credibility of their business is enhanced. Also, if high rankings for a competitive keyword are equivocal, your business Wikipedia page can rank within the top 10 results with relative ease.


Also, not many businesses have 100% customer satisfaction. Let’s face it, there are circumstances when no matter what a business does, it will still have a few unsatisfied customers. Should just a few displeased customers write a negative business review, it’s likely to show up on a Google search. This is another reason to make a Wikipedia page for your business as it is advantageous and can serve as reputation management for a business.


However, creating your own Wikipedia page is not the easiest of tasks. There are certain regulations that must be followed in order to prevent your business page from being flagged or removed. Wikipedia also frowns upon a business editing their own page. To avoid the potential headache associated with the creation of your business page, consider seeking assistance from Get Your Wiki, a source of professional and knowledgeable Wikipedia writers. Putting this task in the hands of experts can give you peace of mind and ensure you that your business will be able to reap all of the benefits afforded by the creation of your business Wikipedia page.

Brad Reifler – Founder, CEO, Visionary and Serial Entrepreneur – Continues to Win with Forefront Capital

As a serial entrepreneur, Brad Reifler has years of valuable experience as an investor as well. He has worked successfully with and for several U.S. based companies as well. His early career was spend working up the ladder, and he has now enjoyed his successful founding of Forefront Capital, LLC.

In the early part of the 1980’s is where Reifler’s career began. His independence came in the form of Reifler Trading Company. The firm is world-renowned and boasts discretionary accounts into the hundreds of millions of dollars that it manages. An evolution has taken place of these accounts that has led to institutional research, dissemination of information, execution services, and the advisory of global derivatives. Now, RTC is one of the largest and most predominant futures oriented operations. Back in the year 2000, Reifler sold it to Refco Inc., which is the largest futures company in the world.

Before this sale, Reifler was already expanding into offering professional financial services. He is trusted globally thanks to his ability to deliver on promises. Founding Pali Capital was another milestone for him in 1995. As a sell side broker that dealt only in the equity markets, he was able to differentiate his strategy and expand into hedge funds as well while maximizing market capture. Instead of advising the funds on buying or selling, he synthesized their ideas and mixed them with top research and analyses on the structures of derivatives. He then taught them how to sell these packages well. Pali enjoyed incredible growth over 13 years during Reifler’s tenure as CEO. The company exceeded $1 billion in income from commissions, was able to successfully employ more than 300 individuals, and had four continents with office locations.

As of now, Reifler is focused on Forefront Capital, LLC. The company has many subsidiaries which include Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. He is busy being the CEO and founder of the company. Ever since 2009, when he founded it, he was differentiated the product offerings and thanks to the many subsidiaries under the umbrella, he is able to deliver on those value propositions. This has attracted investments from business leaders, investment bankers, advisers, and more to the firm. More than 30 years of combined Wall Street experience have bolstered a strong community around the Forefront community.

Notable figures and members include members on the boards of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. One member received the Nobel Prize of Economics from China. This strong community helps members create strong and lasting relationships for success.  Brad is also well known for his time providing tips and insider expertise through his Reuters articles.

Shaygan Kheradpir appointed as the new Coriant’s Company CEO

Coriant that was formed as an independent company in 2013 has registered a record of great recognition broadly. Coriant has mainly been recognized by the solutions they offer on networking since they put into consideration the upcoming innovation in the fast growing market. Coriant has really helped many operators in coming up with services that generate large amount of revenue.

Coriant was formed after the merging of Nokia Siemens Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks. Due to the good services offered, the company has really attracted many customers. These include, large enterprises, cloud and data center operators, mobile and fixed line service providers, government agencies, utility companies, content providers and financial institutions and cable MSOs. These has led to its ranking as among the very best and leading network operators.

Following a recent appointment at Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the company. This is after he worked part time with the senior management team at Coriant where he was an active member before his full time role as the CEO.

Shaygan was born in London and brought up in Iran after which he travelled to the United States for his education. He studied in Cornell University where he acquired his PhD, masters and bachelors in electrical engineering. Shaygan has gained much of executive experience working with the telecom, technology and financial industries for 28 years.

After his graduation, Shaygan began his career at GTE Corporation where he worked as the Chief Information Officer. Still developing in his career, Shaygan became the president of Verizon’s e-business division where he assisted in diversifying services in telecommunication with automation of operations. The division was brought up by the joining of Bell Atlantic and GTE Corporation. Prior to his new role, Shaygan also worked as a Chief Operating Officer at Barclays bank and later on became the CEO at Juniper Networks.

New report on New York Real Estate

Town Residential has released their quarterly report on the New York City Real Estate market on NYC apartments for rent on townrealestate that attempts to shed light on current movements in both prices and demand for real estate.

Town Residential’s report is known as “The Aggregate” and is a particularly useful tool for both real estate professionals as well as everyday citizens and buyers or sellers of real estate who are looking to buy or sell real estate.

Typically, New York City real estate goes through a slowing “fall patch” during which prices and market activity decreases after the hot summer period. While real estate sales are slowing and units are staying on the market for longer, the fall patch has not led to lower sales prices as prices continue to gain with the average unit costing about $2 million per unit. For co-ops the price was lower at about $1.3 million which represents a gain of almost 5% from the prior year.

The Aggregate report by Town Residential provides a deeper analysis than just average prices and has identified a gap between the pricing of new development sales and those of resale units in the marketplace. The overall rise in the price of units was believed to be due to several larger projects going onto the market at higher costs than existing buildings go for. For existing units, buyers appear to be lowering the prices that they are willing to pay for these units and the peak levels were reached earlier the year, per the founder and CEO of Town Residential, Andrew Heiberger.

Still, there are some record pricing transactions going on and units priced at various prices throughout the New York City area. In Manhattan alone, in the luxury market, there are about 500 units that are currently priced for over $10 million, but also about 2,000 units priced below $2 million, which shows the variety of prices and apartments available in the marketplace.

The aggregate report is released each quarter and this report covered the period of October to December 2015 and was released early in January. The report covers transactions each year and compares them to prior year amounts to gain insight into trends and conditions in real estate. The data is obtained through information released from the New York City Department of Finance and is kept in an rolling report to easily and quickly provide data on real estate conditions in the marketplace.

Discovered and Needing Legal Representation to Read The Small Print

You live in New York and are chosen to be the next great stand-up comedian. People from all over town are coming to hear what you have to say. Laughter fills the room and reaches to passing traffic. You are great!. Your agent comes to you with an agreement for someone to become your manager. How do you know if your agent is doing what is right for you? Is your agent looking out for you or himself? You receive a contract that you need to sign to go on a become famous. Without the contract signed, your agent states no one will want to record or manage you. What do you do? You do not know legal mumbo jumbo. So you call your friend. Your friend recommends an attorney. Ross-Martin Abelow is one of the best, your friend tells you. So you set up an appointment for the next morning with Mr. Abelow.

The next morning you arrive at the New York office of attorney Abelow. He sits you down for a consultation. During the consultation, you bring out the document that your agent wanted you to sign. Your new attorney looks it over and finds something very bad. Your agent has pulled a fast one. After reading the whole contract, your attorney says you better think hard about signing this contract. He tells you all about your agent. Your agent is working with the marketing individual to receive all of your money when you become rich and famous. It states it clearly in the contract. Thank God for this attorney.

What would you do if your friend or agent wanted you to sign something that you did not understand? It is recommended that you always look out for yourself. Have an attorney look over any legal papers before you sign them. Never just sign when asked. You never know what is hidden in the small print. You know, you may just sign to give away your first born. Protect yourself and your family by never signing anything without your attorney reading it first. Protect your interest.

New York has great attorneys that are eager to help you with the legal information that you do not understand. Make sure you always read contracts before you sign them. Never just sign anything without reading. You will be glad you did. Ross-Martin Abelow is in New York and available to help with your entertainment contracts if you are discovered.

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The Future of Women as Leaders in Corporate Compliance

For the past several years the business community has been dominated by men. But as the years have passed the women started joining in the business club. Among the notable women in the industry are the three Hall Capital women. Hall Capital CEO Kathryn Hall, Sarah Stein and Helane Morrison are the steering’s of the Hall Capital. Morrrison is the MD, GCand the chief compliance officer of Hall Capital. Helane Morrison is one of the women who has been an inspiration to many young women in the world. Helane Morrison joined Hall capital in 2007. She graduated from the University of California School of Law Berkeley when she received her JD. Before she became a big shot lawyer she was a journalist. This quality has helped her preach to the young women that the corporate world is fit for them as well.

Before she joined Hall Capital, she worked for the SEC where she was the regional director. Helane, over the years, has gained much experience that has been of aid in fostering change in the business world. Most women in the world are hungry for a position in the corporate sector. They look up to women like Helane Morrison for advice. Helane Morrison uses the opportunity to encourage girls never to give up.

With Hall Capital’s top women being a light Kathryn, Sarah and Morrison hope that the world will change the way women are viewed in the corporate world. According to an interview with Morrison in BizJournals, the business schools may be open in admitting the women, but when it comes to getting positions in the business community no fairness applies. Most women are seen as incompetent just because of their gender. Women like Helane try to convince the world the women can as well fit in as well as any other person.

It’s not every day that the corporate world gets leaders like Helane Morrison. Helane had to gain much work experience before she became the great example she is today. Gender diversity is a sensitive issue that many people don’t get into. Helane, Stein and Sarah hope that using the hall capital may help change this and be an example to other companies also to apply gender diversity. Even by not speaking anything, Helane being in the position she is already is an example to women to join the firm and the corporate world.

Striving To Find A Better Standard of Care

It can be a sad state when someone goes into an assisted living facility. It gets worse when you need to find placement for two people, especially if these two people happen to be a couple. Couples do not like to be separated. If you were in this situation would you?

I have a few simple tips for find a really good facility to place your loved ones in.

1)Do research on the place first. I mean do extensive research. Is this couple going to be taken care of? Is the staff going to be good to them? It’s important to find this out first, before you book them in. Make sure the choice sits well with the couple. This is a scary time for lots of couples. Do you really want to take away all their choices from them? Make sure the facility is going to be a good fit for them.

2)What about money. This will always be a big concern for anybody, no matter who you are. It’s important to go over everything beforehand. Will their assets cover what is needed? Will the couple need more. If more money is needed, where will you get it? Go over this with the couple. It’s important to not exclude them from any of this. It’s their life. The couple is the one going there. Make sure any and all financial planning is done.

3)It’s a good idea to prepare the couple for the realities of an assisted living situation. This is going to be different than living at your parent’s home. It’s a good idea for the couple to get some idea ahead of time. The couple needs to be prepared for the staff. The couple needs to get used to the space. Some spaces might be smaller than what they are used to. It’s best to get used to this.


It’s a good idea to be prepared for future health needs and changes. Certain health issues might get more problematic as the years pass on. The couple also need to take into account their shared and individual interests. If the husband wants to go to the gym, will he feel comfortable leaving his partner to the staff. Things like this will need to be considered fully.


This is a very popular choice with older couples and single men and women. This facility is located here in California. It’s been owned and operated by Chris Skiff. He has taken an active interest in all his residents for over 15 years.

The Manse on the Marsh is one of the best assisted living facilities in the area. The staff is highly trained. The staff operates on dignity and respect. Each staff member takes the cares and concerns of their residents into account every second of every day.

We are all going to be there one day. Chris and his staff take this into account each day. This is reason enough to choose the Manse. Chris and his staff treat everyone the way they would want to be treated, couples and singles alike. Consider looking into The Manse on the Marsh. You can find out more information right on the blog.

How Skout Transformed Itself From A Travellers To A Dating App

Nowadays, there are different amazing applications and platforms that take care of people who want to connect with others. Skout is a tool that was originally created for the sake of tourists who feel the need to connect with others from different places. Since the beginning, Skout has continued to use its network as a direct route to local and international users who want to expand their social circle.

The platform has changed a lot since it was created. Since it introduced its travel feature, it has been able to attract more users because the feature allows them to take virtual journeys being assisted by their friends from the other end. Statistically speaking, more than 10 million members have used the feature for better accuracy in their networking.

The best thing with the feature is the fact that it has allowed users make use of the virtual trips and convert them into real trips that are in many instances toured with those they met through Skout.

Skout is compatible with iOS devices and is available in several languages. Skout has also undergone a rather paradigm shift to become one of the most popular dating apps today. This is contributed mostly by the fact that it is easy to use, comes accompanied by fascinating and intriguing features that have made it very popular among young adults. Simply put, Skout allows members to meet others and exchange pictures and other light files. Users are also given the freedom to customize their experience by only displaying users they are interested in.

The main screen shows people who are online at the time and by simply tapping a picture, it brings out information about the profile including the last few posts, basic information as well as the number of points they have been able to accumulate. When a user opens a drawer on the left side, a number of alternative means to browse the networks are displayed. The app also comes accompanied by other intriguing features like the ‘Shake to Chat’ feature that displays all users that are online and shaking their phones at the same time.

Different with other similar platforms, many activities on Skout require points so as to be performed. Points can easily be purchased by engaging with advertising platforms and enticing people to buy points so as to be able to view private photos. Other ways that users gain points is when their profiles are checked out and when they send gifts to other people. There is also the wink bomb that allows users to send multiple winks to other users so as to gain more attention.

The app is reasonably put together and very easy to use. It also made history by being among the very first social apps to block the exchange of bathroom and nude photos. This was because the app is very popular even to teenagers and for the sake of their morals, such photos are not allowed. Skout has and will continue making things easier when matters related to socializing and even dating are concerned.

The Jon Urbana Brand Expands

Although he may be most well known as a renowned lacrosse star, Jon Urbana has utilized this skill on the field to develop his name into a diversified brand. Any social media platform will host an account filled with the latest from Jon Urbana’s latest ventures. He has spent his most recent effort forming and organizing a charity drive for a local animal shelter in Denver, Colorado.
In addition to his career as a lacrosse player, Mr. Urbana has created one of the foremost lacrosse camps in Colorado for youth players. Next Level Lacrosse was one of his first ventures and may be one of his most successful. However, in addition to his position leading the Next Level Lacrosse camps, Mr. Urbana is a leader and consultant for several other technology businesses, he produces music and photography and is a well known, and fully certified pilot.

Jon Urbana has diversified his talent to create a brand that crosses all boundaries. From artistic endeavors at Tumblr to being a business executive, Mr. Urbana obviously has a wide range of passions that he is committed to exploring. The most popular of his efforts are his photography and video productions. He has been well reviewed by critics as a talented artist and those pieces are proving to be very popular. His traditional business skills are undeniably well honed, especially in the crowdfunding sector.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana has become a trusted adviser, investor and leader for several companies in the Denver area and his success in business is best exemplified through the founding and consistent success of his Next Level Lacrosse camps that have become some of the most popular in the state.