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Helane Morrison: An Autobiography

My name is Helane Morrison. I work for Hall Capital Partners LLC, a large investment firm in the Bay Area that is currently managing assets worth over twenty -four billion dollars. We manage assets for some of the wealthiest individuals and families in this region. Some of our clients include the late Warren Hellman who established Hellman and Friedman, a private firm that deals with equity. Another of our clients is John Fisher, whose father founded Gap, the clothing line, who we aid in managing his family’s wealth.

I am the managing director as well as the firm’s general counsel. I also serve as the chief compliance officer for the firm. I have worked at Hall Capital for the last five years. Previously, I worked as a daily newspaper reporter in South Florida and then practiced law at a San Francisco law firm where I dealt with business litigation and defended private securities before rising through the ranks to become partner. Later, I worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the capacity of District Administrator and also as Regional Director. Here I dealt with enforcing security, litigation and regulation for California and Northwest states. I then moved to San Francisco where I headed the Securities and Exchange Office dealing majorly with enforcement. If you are interested in seeing my resume in full, please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile and connect with me on there as well.

Our success at Hall Capital can be attributed not only to our strong returns, but also to our ability to conduct our services differently when compared to other financial firms. At Hall Capital, for instance, we have committed ourselves over the years to employ a workforce that is diverse not only in terms of background and educational qualifications, but also in terms of gender. There are three women at the helm of Hall Capital’s leadership. I am one of the three. The others are CEO and co-chief investment officer, Kathryn Hall and Sarah Stein, the firm’s president.

Having three women in leadership is one of the fruits of these diversification efforts. This is making our firm attractive to the women workforce. In other firms, for instance, women are so scarce that they have to hold meetings specifically for women so that they don’t feel left out.

Further, we have endeavored to create a work environment that promotes interaction and collaboration. These two attributes are important in running our affairs. As a testament to that, we have created open offices where anyone is allowed to come in. Due to our different approach in offering financial services, we believe that our current success is only beginning.


New York’s Real Estate Records

New York Apartments for sale has always been a hot destination for people who want to live in a big city and have all of the conveniences that come with big city living. It is a great place to call home and provides people with the best of everything in the city. One of the major downfalls to the city is that the prices have always been extremely high which makes it difficult for nearly anyone to get a home in the city without having to go into a large amount of debt. The new records have now been set and things are going for rock bottom in the city while building space is available at an all-time high.

The article that was published by The New York Times talks about all of the ways that the city is shattering old records and setting new ones when it comes to the prices of living in the city. This is something that is coming as somewhat of a shock to people who live in the city and something that has taken the city by storm. People are expected to begin flocking to the city because of the low prices and large number of homes that have become available recently.

There are many ways that you can take advantage of these low prices, but it is important to find the right real estate company to do it for you. Town Residential is dedicated to the clients that they serve and they make sure that they are always able to provide them with the best options when it comes to the real estate that is available in New York City. The company is dedicated to their clients and will find the best places to live at the best prices, no matter where you want to be in the city.

Town Residential is a company that is based out of Manhatten but works with clients who want to live in all of the boroughs of the city. The company enjoys helping its customers find everything they want in a living situation in the city. From large apartment space to luxury options, they are able to help the customers that they serve by giving them the best of everything in living space. They work to ensure that all of the clients that they have are satisfied with the real estate options that they provide to all of their clients.

Dick Devos Philanthropic Work Provides Funding for the Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts has in the recent past been able to surpass its crowdfunding goal of $110 million and exceeded it by $25.9 million thanks to significant, generous donors like Dick DeVos. However, the Center went against many peoples’ expectations and extended the campaign period and upped the target to $50 million. According to a press release, the available funds will be able to construct a riverfront pavilion, a pedestrian bridge, a dining place, better and bigger offices, rehearsal and educational offices which are of particular interest to the DeVos family.  Read the full article by visiting the following link:

Dick Devos is well known and respected business leader and businessman. He is also a firm believer that everyone should chip in to help the less privileged as much as possible. He has spent his entire business career working in different companies in different leadership roles. Currently, Dick is the President at Windquest Group. He has previously worked for brands like the DeVos family owned Amway as well. While at Amway, he was held very responsible for the company’s management in all aspects.

He also served in Orlando Magic as the Chief Executive Officer when it was acquired by his family. On top of that, Dick has also been involved in a lot of community initiatives and has started a many educational initiatives including a charitable foundation that has been able to award not less than 4,000 scholarships to children who need them.

DeVos is also a writer and has authored multiple pieces including his bestselling book called Rediscovering American Values and is a politician as well. In 2006, he was the Republican candidate for the Michigan Governor seat. In other leadership matters, Dick is not left behind. Follow his Twitter to see how he uses his voice to promote positive messages to his local community in Grand Rapids, MI or find him on Facebook to see his most recent business and philanthropic ventures. He is a two-time National Champion sailor, a graduate of Northwood University and a qualified aircraft and helicopter pilot. He can be used as a perfect example of an individual who wants the best for the society he lives in and goes ahead to make it happen.

Beneful: Five Different Varieties of their Dog Food

Do you have a man’s best friend at home? A cute, cuddly dog that gets all of your attention and love? If so, then you need to give your dog a mouthful of Beneful dog food. Beneful has multiple types of dog food. They have solid dog food, wet dog food, and snacks for your dog. There is a type of food just right for you dog. From the very beginning, they offer a Beneful Healthy Puppy dog food, which is made with real chicken and helps for the new puppy to grow big. The most common solid dog food used is the Beneful Originals by Purina. They have 3 different flavors such as salmon, chicken, or beef to choose from. It is made with 100% nutrients to keep your dog strong. If you have a dog that is a bit overweight, or you need to monitor their weight, they offer Beneful Healthy Weight. This type is designed to keep your dog at the perfect and healthy weight. Beneful also carries a type called Playful Life which gives your dog the energy to play all day! We’ve have talked a little bit about the dry foods, so let’s talk about the wet food options Purina store Beneful provides. Beneful has 20 varieties of wet food for your dog. The Chopped Blends provides your dog with a tasty course meal along with the sides all mixed together for a mouth full of wonderful. Beneful is not only a food for your dog, but it is the happiness of your dog.  

Freedom Pop Offers The Best Deal On Phones Over The Biggest Shopping Weekend Of The Year

According to RCRWireless FreedomPop which has been around for three years now and intends to reach the seven figure customer mark by the end of the year, recently offered an enormous deal on phones during the Thanksgiving holiday shopping extravaganza. Anyone who was able to take advantage of this promotion which lasted through November 27th got a first class deal. They were offering a Smart phone by Motorola for $190 off the original price, which meant customers had the opportunity to purchase a smartphone for a whopping $40 and they even threw in a free month of service which came with both calling and texting, unlimited on both, so no need to track those call, as well as one gigabyte of data.

If Motorola was not what the customer wanted they could instead go with a Galaxy S4 Smartphone and that they discounted by $350 so the cost was $100 per phone. This phone also came with the same calling package which was free for the first month. If the customer decided to continue service they would receive 500 minutes of talk, 500 text messages and 500 Megabytes of data. The company is also looking to offer a WiFi Model next year at some point.

FreedomPop is looking at going from a wholesale strategy to a commercial strategy over time. At this point Intel Capital is considered to be one of their major financial supporters. Currently the company uses the Sprint Network but that maybe changing at some point in the future. During the past summer FreedomPop received funding from DCM, Partech and Mangrove in the amount of 30 Million dollars.

FreedomPop has had plenty of opportunity to sell but according to CEO Stephen Stokol, the timing was not right but there is a chance for it in the future. He left it at in the next 1 -2 years anything is possible with selling but there is a need to see further growth.

Succeeding with Passion and Adaptability: Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright was recently interviewed by World Class Magazine on his success in Newark. Mr. Seawright is the CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development. His passion stems from his childhood. He gives his parents credit for giving him the proper foundation to excel in his life and career. He has devoted his life to helping urban areas flourish and has helped the change the lives of those residents. Throughout every one of Mr. Seawright’s endeavors, he remains adaptable to ever changing scenarios and maintains a positive attitude.

Using his life experiences and his academic career, Mr. Seawright is a well-rounded individual and an excellent leader. He uses a straight forward management approach that has given him positive results. He believes that the success of Newark’s urban communities is a “true mark of [his] success”. He has been able to use his expertise to help small and mid-sized business owners get their businesses started with loans where these business owners would not have the capital to do this on their own. Besides helping businesses grow in the community, Mr. Seawright has also helped the surrounding neighborhoods and residences.

Mr. Seawright has proven his financial expertise and his successful leadership skills. He envisions a brighter and bigger picture than others and strives for that goal. He can work prosperously in a team setting and adapt to changes along the way. He is able to connect with people and maintain those relationships at an individual level as well as at the local, city and state levels.

As Almeda University alumni, he holds a degree in accounting and a Masters of Business Administration. Mr. Seawright began his career with Baltimore City as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer. He then took a position with Tito Contractors as the Vice President of Finance and Human Capital. He then became the Executive Director of Operations in Maryland. And in 2014, took his current position as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development. His professional experience has been successful because his hard work and passion.