Making Use Of Shared Workplaces

Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces Co-working facilities are facilities that are set up for those in the community to work with others. It seems that those that co-work with other employees in their office are more happy with their jobs. This has been confirmed by a study that measured workplace satisfaction, and there was… Continue Reading →

Securus Releases Damning Information Regarding Competitor Global Tel Link

The Louisiana Public Service Commission’s investigation into the wrongdoings perpetrated by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (GTL) has uncovered a number of troubling findings. Global Tel Link has been the main contractor with the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Over the last 15 years, the LPSC has received thousands of complaints regarding GTL’s fraud, security… Continue Reading →

How Labaton Sucharow Provides The Greatest Incentive Returns

┬áJordan A. Thomas is a well-known individual in financial circles. He used to work for the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. For the SEC, he was the Assistant Director. He was also the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel. The SEC area where he did this work was called the Division of Enforcement. Between 2008 and… Continue Reading →

What Changes Can Dr. Jennifer Walden Make To A Woman’s Body?

The changes that women want to make to their bodies are going to be able to call into the office to schedule their first appointment. A woman who is going to make changes to her body needs to be sure to see what can be done to help herself when she comes to the office…. Continue Reading →

A Mobile Calculator App For Real Estate Business

According to a new release from PRNewswire, Venezuelan-American entrepreneur David Osio has now brought his Davos Financial Group’s real estate business clients a new development. This development is a mobile investment return calculator called the “Davos CAP Calculator”. The goal of this tool is to give clients like commercial property buyers and real estate developers,… Continue Reading →

Kyle Bass Thinks Hillary Clinton is Better for the Markets

During a recent Fox Business Network’s interview, Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager, stated that he believes there’s a 40-50% chance of recession next year in the United States. However, this recession would be rather minor. This is quite a different prediction Mr. Bass had made back in 2008 when he predicted the subprime financial… Continue Reading →

The Midas Legacy And The Power Of Information

There are a lot of innovative companies cropping up as the economy makes way for more fundamental changes, which is being complimented by the release of information and transparency that has come with the proliferation of the internet. The world of investing is so perfectly complicated to most, any information is very helpful, but finding… Continue Reading →

How Does Martin Lustgarten Help Investors Save For Retirement?

Martin Lustgarten has a lot of clients who all have different needs. Some of them are coming to him to make sure that they can make money from simply investments, but others of them are going to find that they need to save for retirement. Someone who approaches Martin Lustgarten for retirement help is going… Continue Reading →

Securus Technology Fulfilling Their Duty to Provide Public Safety

Securus America Technologies has a whole host of solutions that involve law enforcement practices. Handling public safety is a major concern and topic of discussion among many Americans. Securus Technology according to PR Newswire is providing public services that make it a little safer for all of us. Their technology helps public service organizations store… Continue Reading →

Richard Blair And Insurance Issues To Look At Before Renting On AIRBNB

Often, many people opt to rent part or their whole houses on Airbnb as a way of making easy and quick money. By hosting travelers, home owners can get the money they require to pay for their homes within a short time. However, recent incidents have indicated that unexpected problems can also crop up. Temporary… Continue Reading →