When To Start With Online Reputation Management

Every businesses depends on reputation. While a lot of business owners tend to wait until they are hit with damages to their reputation, the better idea would be to think about online reputation first. When one has a plan for online reputation management at the beginning, he will be more prepared to handle all of… Continue Reading →

Traditions of Kabbalah

The Torah is a vital part of Judaism. It holds for the Jewish the history of their people, and the prophecies and laws for them to seek out and adhere to. Much of what is known about the traditions of Judaism can be found in the Torah. Part of the study of the Torah is… Continue Reading →

Richard Blair’s Success With Wealth Solutions

Renting part of or the entire house to travelers temporarily on Airbnb has become a popular way of making easy money. Most people fail to consider the possible occurrence of unexpected problems such as damages that the homeowners insurance may not cover. This situation causes most people to report losses that are caused by the… Continue Reading →

Doe Deere Brings Her Passion For Makeup To Life

Passion is something that can be harnessed for good. When people are passionate about what they do, they are able to bring that passion to their work. This is a lesson that Doe Deere, owner of Lime Crime, one of the most widely admired makeup retailers online, has taken straight to heart. She knows how… Continue Reading →

Thor Halvorssen is Making Waves

Thor Halvorssen works hard because he has a cause that is worth believing in. The 39 year old half Norwegian, half Venezuelan leader and founder of the Human Rights Foundation believes in the cause that his foundation supports. He has good reason to do so as he has first hand experience in the kind of… Continue Reading →

Politico Releases Information On George Soros’ Visit To The DNC Convention

Politico has been covering the DNC convention since it began, and every speech and news item has been shared with incredible scrutiny. One of the most recent developments is George Soros and his donation of $25 million to several democratic campaigns. He has been active in the political realm for some time, but he is… Continue Reading →

Younger Looking Hair By Wen From Chaz Is Expected

WEN by Chaz Dean is a product that is showing up on television and on Sephora infomercials. The product claims to help fine hair regain health. It was put to the test by a young woman and below is the results. Wen by Chaz is natural and gives hair the healthy ingredients it is missing…. Continue Reading →

Making Use Of Shared Workplaces

Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces Co-working facilities are facilities that are set up for those in the community to work with others. It seems that those that co-work with other employees in their office are more happy with their jobs. This has been confirmed by a study that measured workplace satisfaction, and there was… Continue Reading →

Securus Releases Damning Information Regarding Competitor Global Tel Link

The Louisiana Public Service Commission’s investigation into the wrongdoings perpetrated by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (GTL) has uncovered a number of troubling findings. Global Tel Link has been the main contractor with the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Over the last 15 years, the LPSC has received thousands of complaints regarding GTL’s fraud, security… Continue Reading →

How Labaton Sucharow Provides The Greatest Incentive Returns

 Jordan A. Thomas is a well-known individual in financial circles. He used to work for the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. For the SEC, he was the Assistant Director. He was also the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel. The SEC area where he did this work was called the Division of Enforcement. Between 2008 and… Continue Reading →