Will Wen cleansing conditioner work on my fine, thin locks?

A beauty blogger on Bustle.com tried out Wen by Chaz for seven days and shared on facebook her day-by-day experience with readers. Her detailed descriptions of her experience with the product and its ability to fit into her beauty routine are open and honest. Before relaying her experience, here is some background on the WEN… Continue Reading →

George Soros and the Lookout for a Crisis

If there is one thing that some people learned from the crisis of 2008, it is to look for signs of another crisis and to prepare for the coming crisis. This is what George Soros has done. He has found plenty of signs of an upcoming crisis that can be as bad as the crisis… Continue Reading →

The Benefits Of Using Wen Products

Recently Emily McClure from The Bustle did an article about WEN Hair conditioning cleanser. McClure has very fine hair, so she wanted to see how the product was going to work on her hair. McClure decided to use the product for seven days and she documented her experience. On the first day, McClure was happy… Continue Reading →

U.S. Money Reserve Speaks Out – Rising Value of Gold in Today’s Market

U.S. Money Reserve was recently discussed on Enterprise Radio hosted by Eric Dye. Philip N. Diehl, President of U.S. Money Reserve, discussed the history of this firm, their principles, and the philosophies that contribute to the overall success of the nationÕs largest distributors of government-issued Gold, Silver, Platinum and coins. When Diehl was asked to… Continue Reading →

Martin Lustgarten: A Great Investment Banker

Investment banking involves a financial institution called an investment bank giving financial services which entail assisting their clients who may be individuals, governments or corporations in raising capital through underwriting or acting as their agent in issuance of securities. The investment bank may also help companies when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. They help… Continue Reading →

FreedomPop President Discusses the Company’s Success During Detailed Interview

Nicholas Constantinopoulos, the president of FreedomPop, has given an interesting six-minute interview to Mobile World Live, and he discussed interesting facts about the company’s recent venture capital funding. Recently, FreedomPop raised an additional $50 million in funding. The intentions for the money are varied. Among those intentions is the desire to manufacture a Wi-Fi phone… Continue Reading →

The Huff Post Claims That Slyce Will Change Wedding Industry

Getting Your Wedding Registry Taken Care Of Without Worries We are in the planning phase for our upcoming wedding. My wife is excited about the dress she will be wearing, and we have already secured all the venues. We have put a lot of effort into planning this. However, we just started working on the… Continue Reading →

U.S. Money Reserve Sells Amazing Gold Coins

U.S. Money Reserve has made a solid name for itself in the precious metals market. An incredible array of new customers are contacting the company through its phone number and website to discuss buying gold, silver, and precious metal coins. Coins, not bars or bullion, are the chosen asset Austin’s U.S. Money Reserve opts to… Continue Reading →

Thor Halvorssen Explains Bernie Sanders Stance On Socialism

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen has made an appearance on Fox Business to explain his personal opinion on the role of socialism in the U.S. Presidential race and around the world. Halvorssen explained his own views on why socialism is a bad idea in the majority of cases, but also revealed… Continue Reading →


Since the first week of January 2016, George Soros has been warning of an investment crisis in the global market. He has been creating concern for Bloomberg investors to watch over investing in the global market because of the world most dominant economy China is having a challenge in the market too. That China Yuan is… Continue Reading →